Can KFC Chicken be reheated

Is there anything left from yesterday's meal? Then you can reheat it in the microwave and enjoy again. However, this is not a good idea with chickens.

Chicken is quick and easy to prepare and therefore often ends up on the plate. If there's something left over, it's too good for the garbage can and ends up in the microwave to warm up the next day. If you've done it this way in the past, it was playing with fire.

Chicken can transmit a variety of germs

It's not just for taste reasons ForBetter to heat up leftover chicken in the pan or oven. The rubbery structure and the strange "overheated" taste afterwards should be enough, but it is much more health hazardsthat should make you rethink. The number one cause of food poisoning is Salmonella. Raw chicken is a known vector for these pathogens. In addition, the meat often romps about as wellCampylobacter andClostridium perfringens bacteria, which is also forDiarrheal diseases, Vomiting and stomach cramps.

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Germs in the chicken are killed in the heat

You are probably wondering what all this has to do with warming up chickens. After all, the meat has already been heated and all germs killed. Unfortunately, this is not entirely true. Got the meat on core temperature of at least 80 degrees Celsius brought the germs were actually eliminated. But then the meat won't Put in the fridge or freezer within two hours, the germs begin to grow and multiply again. This happens particularly quickly when the temperatures are around 30 degrees, i.e. in summer. Then you should only allow yourself about an hour to cool the meat.

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Microwaves do not heat chickens enough

If the meat is taken out of the refrigerator and then heated again to at least 73 degrees, the bacteria are killed again and there is no danger. Unfortunately, microwaves often fail to heat food consistently and evenly. Everyone knows the phenomenon of boiling hot frozen food that is still frozen in the middle. Experts recommend letting meat rest a little after it comes out of the microwave so that the temperature can adjust. However, unless you are using a meat thermometer, you cannot be sure that it will Chicken meat was really safely heated.

This is how chicken should be warmed up

Just because it doesn't work between the chicken and the microwave doesn't mean you have to toss the food in the trash. Cooking professionals recommend Reheat chicken as it was originally cooked. So baked chicken should be put back in the oven and fried chicken back in the pan. Heat it thoroughly and then enjoy delicious and, most importantly, safe chicken.

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