Why was the outsourced television series stopped

Capcom wants to develop more itself again, outsourced developments are stopped

this is so ridiculous.

"too low quality"

"poor coordination of your own marketing and development departments"

now ninja theory is to blame for the DmC disaster XD that's stupid.
as if capcom didn't come up with the idea of ​​the reboot itself. it's cheap to put the blame on others. capcom is just too horny for money and everyone knows that by now ..

fans have been saying for years that they want a creepy resi with puzzles ...
but capcom absolutely also wants the cod players to have XD therefore this whole bsaa army nonsense.
for those who love the need for speed, special insoles have been made. mgs and hitman fans were looking forward to the stealth interludes with ada and with jake's kung fu krams even fighting game friends were thought of. only the resi fans were not thought of because there was nothing of the old games.

honestly ... I wonder why you didn't do online soccer fashion with zombie heads ... of course as dlc πŸ˜‰
but with a development time of less than 3 years you definitely didn't have time for it.

For 2 years now, DMC fans have made it clear that they want the old DMC ...
but capcom doesn't care XD
then there are statements like "our game will find new fans"
and in the game DmC the fans in the "wig scene" are consciously mocked
you don't have to be surprised if nobody wants to have the trash any more.

so either you can get away from your lust for money and hear what fans have been saying for years ... or you will make endless losses.
then we can look forward to 5 resi's in one year soon XDD