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35 soap boxes, 3000 spectators, good weather and the best atmosphere. On Sunday, July 6th, the drivers of the self-made vehicles fought for the big mountain cup on the Lindener Berg for the 10th time. For the first time since the new edition three years ago, the soapboxes started side by side - like 50 years ago when the soapbox races electrified up to 20,000 spectators. This time there were 35 soap boxes at the start, from simply constructed vehicles to streamlined racing machines. The soapboxes raced down the 200-meter-long asphalt route at over 30 km / h in some cases, accompanied by the cheers of the audience. Goetz Graubner and Peter Kühn landed on the winners' podium with their “Black King”, Pia Rademacher with “Shadow” and Jonas Meyer with “X-Ray” came first in the juniors (up to 15 years of age). His father, a master mechanic, had assembled the soap box from a steel frame, racing bike rims and a car brake. There was also a prize for the most original soap box: the racing vehicle sprayed artificial smoke and soap bubbles through tinkered exhaust pipes.

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Pictures: Torsten Bachmann