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The story behind Copenhagen Studios

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If you ask me how I would describe the Copenhagen Studios brand in three words, I would say trendy, sporty and high quality. Not very unique, actually. The same could be said of other shoe brands. But what makes Copenhagen Studios so special? What does the brand stand for? What are the key facts? For example, did you know that Copenhagen Studios is not a Danish brand? No, me neither. I got into the story behind Copenhagen Studios. Let's discover the brand together.


We don't have to travel far back in time because the Copenhagen Studios brand was founded in 2017 by twin brothers Johannes and Julian Rellecke. Julian is mainly concerned with the creative side of the company and keeps a close eye on all trends. Johannes heads the marketing and business part on a daily basis. What a teamwork! It is also no coincidence that the brothers work in the shoe industry, as they are the fourth generation of shoemakers and they were born with the craft. You also had experience in running a large fashion company: You have been the owner of the German fashion company Liebeskind for several years. However, their passion for shoes turned out to be bigger, because in 2017 they finally decided to start the Copenhagen Studios label. With success, because the brand is now extremely popular in Europe and beyond.


As the name suggests, the brand focuses on the lifestyle of the trendy city of Copenhagen. The founders have always been fascinated by the city and immediately knew that they wanted to build their shoe line on it. The minimalist style is typically Danish and is reflected in the models from Copenhagen Studios. The models present themselves in a simple design, full-tone colors and with a few details here and there. Think of snow-white or beige models, but the trend colors of the respective season are also included in the collections. The special thing about the brand is that it is made entirely in Europe and the distances between the two brothers and their producers are short. For example, the designs, details and colors are created in the capital of Denmark. The leather comes from Italian and Portuguese family businesses. The brand is also increasingly working with sustainable materials. After all the materials are gathered, the shoes are made by hand in small companies in Europe. This means that it is 100% certain that the quality of the Copenhagen shoes is high and that everything looks great. The Copenhagen Studios are therefore known for their excellent quality with minimalist details. Or as they say themselves:

“Copenhagen Studios is all about the people. And about a shared passion for minimalist, high-quality footwear that gives everyday life a relaxed attitude. With every step. "

Fun fact: You can see a bike on almost every model. 3x guess why ... The Danes love cycling and prefer to do everything by bike. Something characteristic for Danes, which of course should not be missing in the design and logo.


Given the name and the Danish style, we would think it is a Danish brand. But nothing is less true. It's a German brand. The name “Copenhagen Studios” comes from the flow of Copenhagen, which is a great source of inspiration for this brand. The head office is in Germany. The brand's design studio is of course in Copenhagen.

The Copenhagen Studios collection

The brand has created a wide range of shoes for women and men. Every season a new shoe collection is introduced to match that season. This is reflected in the colors - dark in the winter months and light in the summer season - and in the models. The collection mainly focuses on the well-known sporty Copenhagen sneaker. Every white sneaker lover can enjoy this brand, a number of "pearl white sneakers" are included in the collection for all seasons. Now of course there are not only white sneakers, but also other colors. How about black, beige or gray, for example? But the choice doesn't stop there because you want a high or low model? Or a cool dad sneaker? You can tell that the selection is huge. No matter which sneaker you choose, you can combine it endlessly with your outfits. One pair of shoes, so many style options. And then I haven't even mentioned the convenience that you don't want to do without. These shoes are made for everyday life and will quickly become your favorite shoe that you can walk on all day.


How was that? Now wonder again where I started the story. How would I describe the Copenhagen Studios brand in three words? Then I would say: Danish lifestyle, minimalist and third, always on trend. And timeless. And high quality. Okay, now it's five. Are you curious about all the models from Copenhagen Studios? Discover more here:

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