Nokia is dead

Nokia: smartphone business dead again?

If a smartphone brand is growing, it will definitely be in the fourth quarter of the year. Christmas sales. But Hmd Global, whose Nokia smartphones are hardly sold any more, experienced the opposite. If it only looked like a new success story, the figures from last year's Christmas business are a big disappointment. Year-on-year, the growth is -41%, as only 2.8 million Nokia smartphones were sold in the last three months of 2019. In 2018 it was 4.8 million.

Nokia again on the decline after its death by Microsoft

In 2019 as a whole, the negative growth looks less bad at -27%, but it is clearly pointing in the wrong direction. According to Counterpoint Research, only 12.9 million smartphones with the Nokia logo went over the counter, i.e. 4.7 million fewer than in 2018. Instead of getting closer to the top 10 global smartphone manufacturers, Hmd is now clearly moving away from them again . The hurdle for the top 10 is currently around 21 million smartphones sold each year.

Assuming that a similar loss can happen this year, the fledgling smartphone business under the leadership of Hmd Global seems to be dying again. After all, despite the many affordable Android smartphones, they sold just a million copies a month last year. Hmd does not seem to be up to Xiaomi and Co.

We had hoped for a better future after the Nokia smartphone division was buried by Microsoft in 2014. Now the signs are worse again. Nokia is known worldwide, but no guarantee of success.

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