Where did Leonardo DiCaprio study acting?

Leonardo DiCaprio: "I saw this profession as a long-distance run"

If you greet Leonardo DiCaprio with "Hello", the actor hesitates for a moment whether he should answer the greeting in German - because he could do that, albeit with an accent. But on this day he decides on the US version: “How're you doin '?” While he often appeared in a shirt or suit in previous interviews, he decided on a casual outfit on this day: a brown suede jacket with shirt underneath. Also fits the occasion: Because people are talking about his new film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood", in which he plays the hero in a western series who is on the decline. The cowboy sacrifices his love life for the role, career is more important to him.

Leonardo DiCaprio, how about you in that regard?

I think how many people there. You have to be aware of how difficult it is to get your chance in Hollywood. Yes, it does take a certain amount of talent, but what really matters is being in the right place at the right time - when the door to a career opens. Sounds crazy, but it's like winning the lottery.

And you won.

My whole life has been about not missing out on the opportunity. I have many actors in my circle of friends who continue to struggle to make a living.

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You, on the other hand, were successful early on.

But even at a young age I saw this profession as a long-distance run in which you have to manage your strength. There are times when you are very famous and there are times when you are less popular. You have to go through there. What matters is doing a good job.

Which actually applies to everyone.

Exactly. In the end we are all mortal.

What distinguishes actors from mere mortals, however, is that you can see when they fail.

We all have these moments when we can't get our text to work. It feels like going to school as a child with only your underpants on. The camera, everyone in the studio is watching you, and you just can't bring it up.

The title of the film is "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood". What was and is Hollywood for you?

(laughs) My entire existence. I was born in Hollywood and grew up here. Otherwise I wouldn't have become an actor. I dreamed about it, but somehow I felt that it was intangible. If everything hadn't just been so close and my mother could have picked me up from school and taken me to auditions, then I wouldn't be here today.

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That was in the 80s and the film is set in the late 60s. Was that another Hollywood?

In my imagination I had idealized it, made a glamorous picture of it. In truth, it was shabby, and beneath the glittering surface a subculture was developing: hippies.

Do you remember if you had famous Hollywood neighbors when you were a kid?

Yes, Stan Lee. He lived in the neighborhood. My father sold comic books. On weekends we carried out the issues with our delivery van. I collected the Marvel comic books. And I was able to meet Stan Lee before he died.

Trailer for the film "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood"

Then you could have played in the film with your father.

He's in. In one scene on Hollywood Boulevard, he wears a Hawaiian shirt and sandals. His wife has a turban on her head.

Extras in costume.

No. They are real hippies. This is what they look like every day.

Hippies don't like money. How do you deal with that?

I have always known that having a certain degree of financial stability ensures that I have my artistic freedom. That's why I handle it carefully. I try not to over-spend. I try to focus on the simple things in life and do them well. Whether it's acting, philanthropy, or personal relationships. Keep everything nice and simple.

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By Dierk Sinderman