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French actress and singer. She is one of the most sensual women in French film and cultivates an aura of mysterious beauty with almond-shaped eyes and dream bodies. Emmanuelle Seigner began as a mannequin, first became known in the films of her husband Roman Polanski and later built his own film career. It makes itself rare, thus underlining its mysterious flair. In 2007 she started a career as a singer.

In many of her 30 or so films, Seigner is the erotic object of desire, mostly unreachable, always dominant and ready to experiment, often flirtatious. Polanski directed the erotic psychodrama "Bitter Moon" (1992) entirely for her. In the Edith Piaf bio “La Vie en Rose” (2006) she is the warm-hearted whore Titine who takes care of the young Edith, and she is in Julian Schnabel's “Le Scaphandre et le Papillon” (2007, Director Prize Cannes) Celine Desmoulin, ex-wife of Elle's paralyzed editor-in-chief, Jean-Dominique Bauby (Mathieu Amalric).

Emmanuelle Seigner was born in Paris in 1966 as the daughter of a journalist and a photographer. Grandfather and aunt were actors from the Comédie Francaise. Aware of her attractiveness, she began a career as a mannequin at the age of fourteen and was at home in the fashion world for six years. In 1984 she made her debut in "Devilish Embrace", in 1985 she was seen in the sex photos with which a young teacher is blackmailed in the crime thriller "Blackmailed". In Jean-Luc Godard's “Détective” (1985) she changes transparent silk blouses in the front of a hotel window and offers a boxer her breasts as a punching ball.

Roman Polanski gave her first leading role in the thriller "Frantic" (1987). At the side of Harrison Ford, who is looking for his kidnapped wife, she flees over the rooftops of Paris. In Polanski's tailor-made erotic and revenge thriller “Bitter Moon” (1992), she plays and parodies the ideas of vamp and femme fatale with pleasurable perfection. In Polanski's mystery thriller “The Nine Gates” (1999) she accompanies the bookworm Johnny Depp as the incarnation of the devil and his carnal temptations.

Seigner's other films include Claude Miller's “The Smile” (1994), where she seduces Jean-Pierre Marielle, and the cyberspace thriller “Nirvana” (1997, with Christopher Lambert). In “Place Vendome” (1998, with Catherine Deneuve) she belongs to the bourgeoisie of Paris (nomination for best supporting actress for “César”), in “Corps à corps - Body Snatch” (2003) she is a striptease dancer, and in She lives “Happy-End with Obstacles” (2004, with Charlotte Gainsbourg) in a constant dispute with her husband Alain Chabat. In Emmanuelle Bercot's "Backstage" (2005) she is followed as a pop star by a female fan (Isild Le Besco).

Seigner released the album "Ultra Orange & Emmanuelle Seigner" in 2007, on which she interprets rock songs with the group Ultra Orange.

She can only be seen on Cartier's LOVE website in one of the twelve clips on the subject of love that Olivier Dahan (“La Vie en Rose”) staged for Cartier in 2007 (clip “Dangerous Love”).

Seigner is the older sister of the actress Mathilde Seigner ("A swallow makes the summer") and the singer Marie-Amélie Seigner.

Seigner has been married to Roman Polanski since 1989 and has children with him, Morgane and Elvis.

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