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Working in difficult conditions

The result is a spongy, uneven slope of 35% that is a challenge for every construction machine and every driver.

Before starting work in the tunnel, however, the two machines first had to create a construction site entrance. For this purpose, the Bobcat 328 broke through an earth wall at the side of the tunnel entrance and created the driveway with the help of the T190. In order to protect nature, as little soil as possible was removed. The result is a spongy, uneven slope of 35% that is a challenge for every construction machine and every driver. The Bobcat 328 then cleared the tunnel entrance and the streambed from large stones.

In the tunnel itself, the 3.2 t compact excavator Bobcat removed the damaged concrete with the attached HB0980 demolition hammer. Despite the height of just 3.50 m in the tunnel, the machine can drive in the tunnel without any problems and swivel the arm completely through 360 °. The high hydraulic power enables a quick demolition result.

Lederer Bau GmbH used the T190 compact crawler loader to remove the 150 m² rubble. He picked up the material with the shovel and backed out of the tunnel and stream and transported it up the steep driveway to the parking bay.

After the gutting was completed, the stream was dammed and the tunnel was drained as a result. Then Lederer Bau GmbH was able to install new, nature-friendly boundaries made of concrete and sandstone paving. Finally, the wall was rebuilt.

Bobcat machines are convincing

The two Bobcat machines were able to impress during the entire duration of the project. Mr. Mustafa Kessmann, driver of the 328, stated: I really like the large cab of the compact excavator, in which there is plenty of legroom and space. What no other manufacturer has either is the permanent actuation of the auxiliary hydraulics for hammer operation, which is attached to the joystick. With excavators of other brands, the hydraulics must be permanently switched on by foot actuation.

And Mr. Ronny Döring, who operates the T190, adds: The T190 compact crawler is unbeatable in terms of traction, mobile payload and performance. Machines from other manufacturers cannot keep up with these properties. The only alternative to removing the rubble would have been a wheel loader, which, however, could not have been used for journeys through the tunnel due to its larger dimensions.

Good advice

Lederer Bau GmbH was founded in 2004. Today Stephan Lederer employs 16 people. When he needed new machines for the task at hand, he came to Bobcat Karlsruhe on the recommendation of other construction companies. Due to the difficult and cramped construction situation, an on-site appointment was arranged, during which salesman Tobias Hoffmann gave detailed advice to Stephan Lederer.

Bobcat Karlsruhe is a subsidiary of Bobcat Bensheim GmbH & Co. KG. Bobcat Bensheim has been a fixture in the construction machinery industry for more than 30 years and, with its 16 branches, is Germany's largest and best-selling Bobcat dealer. The company with all its locations was established in 2007 as a company owned store of the Doosan Infracore unit Equipment Construction affiliated.