Why is nitrogen used in insecticides

Providing on the market and using biocidal products that contain nitrogen produced in situ

Approval in Germany and Denmark for the protection of cultural heritage until December 31, 2024

Annex I of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 contains active substances with a more favorable profile for the environment or human or animal health. Products containing these active ingredients can therefore be approved using a simplified procedure. Nitrogen is listed in Annex I of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012, but with the restriction that it is only used in limited quantities in ready-to-use containers.

According to Article 86 of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012, nitrogen is approved as an active ingredient for use in biocidal products of product type 18 (insecticides). Biocidal products containing nitrogen as approved are approved in several Member States, including Germany and Denmark, and are supplied in gas cylinders.

Nitrogen can also be produced in situ from the ambient air. Nitrogen produced in situ may currently not be used in the Union and is neither in Annex I of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 nor in the list of active substances from the test program for old active substances in biocidal products in Annex II of the Delegated Regulation (EU ) No. 1062/2014 of the Commission.

In accordance with Article 55 (3) of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012, Germany and Portugal applied to the Commission, by way of derogation from Article 19 (1) (a) of the above-mentioned regulation on the protection of cultural heritage, to allow biocidal products from in situ consist of nitrogen produced from the ambient air.

The possible inclusion of in situ nitrogen in Annex I of Regulation (EU) No. 528/2012 and the subsequent approval of in situ nitrogen by the member states is time-consuming. It is therefore appropriate to grant an exemption until the related procedures can be completed.

In order to protect their cultural heritage, Germany and Denmark may allow the making available on the market and the use of biocidal products containing in situ nitrogen until December 31, 2024.

The resolutions were announced in the Official Journal of the European Union on September 11, 2020.


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