Which is the best business college in France

French universities at the top of the Financial Times leaderboard

This year there are only 21 French universities represented, instead of 25, as in the previous year, but the Financial Times has also reduced the number of universities audited from 100 to 90 in one year.

A turning point for Masters in Management

With regard to the results of the ranking, 2020 is the year for the Financial Times "A turning point for master's programs in management". Because while the global economy recovered in 2019 and the European and American labor markets were on the up, the majority of business schools offering this specialization for higher semesters saw a decline in applications. The pandemic, on the other hand, has significantly stimulated interest in master’s degrees in management, the Financial Times continues, as was the case during the global financial crisis in 2008.

Ae almost unchanged Top 3 and Top 10

A closer look reveals that the 3 best courses in management have remained unchanged. So the HEC (Paris)again second in Europe and first in France. Continue as before, followed by the Essec Business School third in Europe and second in France. Furthermore, it can be seen that among the top 10 the ESCP Business School defended its third place in France, although it has lost some ground from fifth to sixth place in a European comparison.

Considerable progress in the global ranking

Meanwhile, around ten French universities have caught up more or less spectacularly. Such is the case for that Edhec Business School, which moved up 3 places and is now 16th in the world and 4th in France. The NEOMA Business School for its part, it maintains its upward trajectory from 43rd to 28th place and is now the 5th best French university.

Also the EM Lyongoes from 40th to 29th place worldwide (6th in France). In addition, the Rochelle Business School 18 places well made to come to 48th place in Europe while the Essca7 places (from 63rd to 56th place). Finally, it is worth mentioning that the Paris School of Business appears in the world rankings for the first time and occupies 88th place.

Strict selection criteria

For the creation of the 16th edition of the annual ranking list of the master’s programs in management, the Financial Times emphasizes the importance of adhering to the strict criteria in order to be selected. The courses must be completed full-time and have at least 30 degrees per year. You must also be accredited by the AACSB or Equis.

There are 17 criteria in total, including the career of the graduates (salary, recruitment rate), the gender share (women / men share among students and lecturers), international reputation (share of international students and lecturers), the quality of the teaching materials (number of lecturers with a doctorate)