Why do doctors change their addresses

The doctor access to the doctor information

Change doctor information

Select diagnostic and therapeutic focuses

Insert information about the practice

Upload practice pictures and logo

Specify voluntary Dr.-Pro-Bono activity

Declare willingness to interview for press inquiries

Do you already have access data?

Then click here to log in to the doctor's access:

To the doctor access

You don't have any login data for doctor access yet?

If you do not have access data, you can authenticate yourself under your detailed entry in the doctor information. To do this, please call up your entry in the doctor information and click on "Change address" on the right-hand side. This will take you to doctor access and request your personal login data.

Are you not yet listed in the doctor information? Then please download the participation form and fax or send it to us, filled in and signed.

You will then shortly receive your access data from us. You can then immediately make full use of the doctor's access.

In the doctor access we have put together the practical tips for you from the foundation letter series "Cooperation with journalists", "Doctor website" and "SEO". Take a look!