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Which apps are currently popular with young people and what is special about them? PASCH students tell which apps are important to them in everyday life.

Many young people can no longer imagine life without a smartphone. Various apps are an important part of this. Young people use apps for different things: writing with friends, studying for school or just playing. In Germany, the three most important apps are for young people Whatsapp, Instagram and Snapchat. Also YouTube is important to German young people. But how is it in other countries?

We asked seven students from Bolivia, Brazil, China, Germany, India, New Zealand and Russia which apps are important to them in everyday life.

Bolivia: Diana, 17 years old, Colegio Juan Enrique Pestalozzi in Sucre

Photo: private; App: Snapchat (screenshot; www.snapchat.com)

I always communicate with other people, that's why I use Whatsapp and Snapchat. But I also like Spotify very much because I can listen to a lot of music with it. I love music. Most often I use Whatsapp. I find this app very useful because you can receive a lot of messages in a short time. It's also a good app for talking to my parents. But my favorite app is Snapchat. I like to Snapchatthat you can take pictures and send them directly. You can also create stories, which are a collection of images. I can see what my friends are doing right now or where they are. For example, when someone travels and sends a photo, I want to know more about it.

When I see someone attending a concert or doing something interesting, that motivates me and I want to do something too. In my opinion it is Snapchat the best app to chat with friends from all over the world. You can see exactly what is happening in different places at that moment. My friends always use Instagram, Snapchat and Whatsapp. Was formerly Facebook a famous app for the teenagers.

Brazil: Rebeca, 16 years old, Centro Interescolar 1 de B Brazil

Photo: private; App: Wattpad (screenshot; www.wattpad.com)

My favorite app is Wattpad. You can use it to read books and write your own books, short stories or fairy tales. I think that's great because I love reading. I also like to use Mosalingua and Reverso. These two apps are also related to language.

Mosalingua is an app that makes it easy to learn new words and expressions from different languages. On the one hand, words in the foreign language and a picture appear, on the other hand, the words are in your own language. Reverso is an online dictionary and translator for ten languages. I use these two apps very often. I search for new words or want to know certain expressions almost every day. These apps help me with that. All of my friends use social media apps, such as Facebook, Instagram or Snapchat.

China: Jingying, 16 years old, Hangzhou Entel Foreign Language School

Photo: private; App: Forest (screenshot; www.forestapp.cc)

My favorite app Forest has no real function at all. But it helps to put the phone down and concentrate on something else. When I start the app, a virtual tree starts to grow. As long as the tree is growing, you cannot use the cell phone. Otherwise the tree will die. I use this app when doing homework. Then I am not allowed to play with the cell phone and have to concentrate on the tasks. With this app I become more disciplined.

But of course I also use other apps. over WeChat I am always available and can chat with friends and relatives. I like the many music apps Xiaomi Music preferably. I especially like the camera in my cell phone. I can take pictures of beautiful things and send the photos directly to my friends. Most often I use Alipay. This app is like a wallet. You can use it to pay for anything, for example in the supermarket, in the restaurant, in the taxi and on the bus. This app makes our life easier. My friends mainly use it Weibo. This app is similar to Instagram. And then there is Xiaoyuan Souti. With this app you can find almost all homework solutions. "

Germany: Jona, 13 years old, Montessori School Würzburg / cell

Photo: private; App: Barcoo (screenshot; www.barcoo.com)

I prefer to use Whatsapp, YouTube and Barcoo. Barcoo recognizes QR codes, barcodes or ISBN. It shows me what is in a product when I go shopping. So I can see if there are any additives and I would rather not eat the product. over Whatsapp I keep in touch with my friends every day. I like that you can text messages for free. However, the quality of the voice calls is sometimes not that good. YouTube I find it particularly exciting because the videos are very entertaining. You can see a lot from the world. I use the app every day after school, also to listen to music. My friends like YouTube, Whatsapp and Facebook.

India: Rakshit, 15 years old, Springdales School, Pusa Road in Delhi

Photo: private; App: Word Cross (screenshot; bit.ly/google-play_wortkreuz)

I've been learning German since the 5th grade and often look for apps to practice on the Internet. I think some of them are great. My favorite are Word cross and Hot potato. With word cross you learn to form new words with word puzzles. I can use it to improve my vocabulary. I like this app because it's simple and informative. Plus, it's fun. The app Hot potato is a German learning game by the Goethe Institute. With this game I usually practice my vocabulary, my general knowledge and my grammar in the evenings with my younger brother and my mother. With this app, I have not only improved my German, but can also spend time with my family.

Unfortunately, if you give a wrong answer, the app does not show the correct solution. I don'k think that's so good. I always feel sorry for the potato when it burns. That's why I always try to answer correctly in order to save my potato. But of course I'm not only learning German, I also enjoy using Instagram, just like my friends.

New Zealand: Chrizia, 17 years old, Ashburton College, Ashburton

Photo: private; App: Instagram (screenshot; www.instagram.com)

The three most important apps are for me Whatsapp, Instagram and Spotify. My favorite are Instagrambecause I like to take pictures. Last year, I entered a 365-day photo contest and showed one photo every day. It's like a diary, only with photos. This year I'm doing it again and I'm really enjoying it. Photos are a great way to remember experiences. I like to look at what has happened in my life in the past.

Whatsapp I downloaded after a PASCH scholarship in Frankfurt. I got to know a lot of people from different countries there. Most of them have Whatsapp and i like to chat with them. I use it particularly often Spotify. With it I can listen to different music from all over the world for free. I like German music. The app also shows me new songs that match my music. I mainly use Spotify when doing exercises in my books at school. Are with my friends Facebook, Snapchat and Messenger popular apps.

Russia: Helena, 17 years old, Lyceum №1502 in Moscow

Photo: private; App: Arts & Culture (screenshot; artsandculture.google.com)

My favorite app is called Google Arts & Culture. Various works of art are published in this app. Their function is to share art with people all over the world. I learn a lot about architecture, music, cinema and painting through the app. I also get to know interesting museums and exhibitions around the world. She also shows me interesting places in my city. If I could improve this app I would add the ask questions feature. With the help of questions, people from different countries could exchange information about works of art. I use this app every day. I like to watch the news mornings and evenings.

Google Arts & Culture is important to me because I believe that art is able to overcome international and cultural barriers. I also use Vkontakte, Instagram and Wattpad. Vkontakte is the Russian one Facebook and the app that I use the most. Wattpad contains a huge library. I like to read, so this app is important to me. Instagram I think the best of these three apps is. I like to look at the many colorful and interesting photos. Photography is an art that is there for everyone in our time. My friends use very different apps. The most common apps are Vkontakte, Instagram and various apps for exams.

Andrea Gehwolf
works as a freelance writer in Munich