Men really wear blazers with shorts

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That's how you wear shorts today

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    Jeroen Van Rooijen

Dear gentlemen! We have to repeat that with the shorts. Because the way most people have understood shorts so far - as a style-free "offtime" alternative to decent trousers - they are no longer worn.

Manuel Andrack, ex-sidekick of Harald Schmidt, associated with a “feeling of freedom, authenticity, cosmopolitanism” in a plea for “time” with shorts. "They convey an aura of lightness, a feeling of floating above things, a touch of adventure," he gossiped, but at the same time admitted in the essay that he was wearing one of the worst types of shorts: hiking pants with detachable leg parts.

This shows: Andrack missed the train. Because shorts have taken on a new role in fashion. The cozy friend of yore is now standing on another platform and waving provocatively at you. But be careful: the tracks in between are treacherous. Because shorts are the premier class of style. Anyone who can wear shorts is above it all. Everyone else fails and has to go to detention.

5 golden rules for shorts:

1. A man who wears shorts must have perfect legs. That's what you ask of women with short skirts - it's only fair. The growth of the walking apparatus is straight, that is, "H" and not "O" and also not "X" tending. The legs must measure at least half the length of the body - if you have shorter legs, you are not authorized to wear shorts.

2. The knees must be tight and fit, not slack and drooping. The calves should be muscular, not too thin and not too grotesque, like those of a competitive athlete. In addition, the skin must be firm, fresh and gently tanned. The hair on your legs is trimmed, but neither completely shaved nor fully woolly.

3. The correct length of the pants is a question of centimeters. They have to be nice and short, but not too short: even the suspicion that you are wearing hot pants is devastating. Too long (“Bermuda” type) looks like an American road camping holiday and the associated meander. The ideal length is not too short above the knee. In addition, the new shorts are "fitted".

4. Short trousers make the right choice of shoes and stockings for a master’s examination. Anyone who wears shorts has to be absolutely sure-footed with their footwear. Climbing sandals and flip-flops do not qualify; the opposite is required: Exciting shoes that absorb the potentially proletarian aspect of shorts. Lace-ups and matching socks are good choices. It can also be more classy sneakers.

5. Short pants also require more care around the top: a shirt is better than a T-shirt, a jacket is better than a sweater. Maybe a tie would be good too!? But be careful: the old business blazer doesn't go with shorts, you have to pull out new registers.

As you can see, it doesn't get any easier with the shorts. Especially not if you consider the variant for cool days that young stylers in Tokyo and New York practice: wide shorts worn over tight leggings. Looks nice. And now go in front of the mirror and look critically!