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Bollywood and the kiss taboo

If it's in the courseIf the story is logical, relevant or necessary to show a passionate kiss or a naked person, then the question of whether this setting is permissible or to be cut should not arise. "With this explanation of the question of film censorship, the chairman at the time resolved of the Supreme Court, DG Khosla, caused a riot in the Indian parliament in 1968. A poll quickly conducted by the state-run All India Radio found that 75 percent of Indians disagreed with Khosla's view. Life magazine took the excitement as an occasion for a cover story about "India’s Kissing Crisis".
Almost four decades later, this crisis has not yet been overcome. There are many speculations about the reasons for this, but no conclusive or psychologically stringent explanation for the tabooing of the kiss. But one thing is certain: the censors' scissors work extremely arbitrarily and illogically. Vulgar song and dance sequences, provocative hip swinging, pornographic passages in a series of South Indian films as well as the most brutal violence escape the cut. But almost no director dares to film a kiss at all, as he would not get past the censorship. In addition, completely different criteria apply to cinema and television.

More open-mindedFilm censors are still in the minority. In 2002, for example, an angry Vijay Anand resigned the chairmanship of the censorship authority, which he had accepted in the mistaken hope of being able to bring about change. The Indian film censorship is still incomprehensible today. According to Aroon Purie, editor-in-chief of the magazine “India Today”, it can only be described as “a hypocrisy that has been elevated to an art form”.