I wear a blazer to stomp

Outfits // 8 times in between: When it was summer yesterday

Today is not just Monday, which would not be a problem per se if the list of to-dos did not cause strange jerks anyway, today the worm seems to be particularly deep: the Internet did not work in our office alternately, then one after the other, technical devices also failed, which made our work here today truly impossible. And last but not least, articles that were already typed were not saved. So don't be surprised that we start the day a little later here, we try to conquer the technology and not let it get you down.

Because I actually started the week this morning with a wonderful soul, as I'm fresh from a family weekend that could be spent with my sister in cozy Dortmund. Deluxe girls weekend, so to speak.

What has happened in the past few weeks, why I'm a late bloomer when it comes to sneakers, why summer is always a good idea in autumn and why all-white even works on the playground, you can see in my little outfit as always -Up the past few weeks.

The best idea to lengthen the summer a little bit? Fly south. And so around 20 family members met at the beginning of the month on what is by far the most popular island for Germans: Mallorca. I have to admit: Our pretty finca was the perfect idyll with a wonderful pool, fig trees and palm trees, only the island itself is now a little too crowded for my taste, the official language seems German and unfortunately there is little too much of its origin and culture Find. Or was I in the wrong place? The island was once the perfect oasis for me - far from the Ballermann, you understand.

Thanks to the family, it was still very nice, of course. And that's the most important thing!

Dress: Stine Goya
Slippers: Miu Miu

How I come up with the idea of ​​stomping over mountains of sand in completely white on the playground and getting away with it without any stains, I don't really know myself. Perhaps the sand-colored coat was stretched protectively and was probably the best companion for me. In any case, I now wear the tone white in all situations, even if it can be threatening for its radiance. And all-white looks are my very favorite in this context. If already, because already - or not? In any case, my new, most loyal companions don't mind that little bit of dirt: after all, it stands Air Force 1st Such a little patina is excellent and it is precisely this that ultimately ensures that not everyone thinks that I was a good five years too late on the train of high-soled power shoes from Nike. Ha! Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that.

In any case, from the playground I went straight to the hardware store, not only to live out myself to the full in the plant paradise, but also to carefully inspect the drill corner. It is high time that I buried my fear of "I will destroy the wall while drilling" and finally lend a hand myself. The urge comes late, but it comes. After all, it can't be that I'm still graceful, can it?

I'll tell you ‘honestly: The fitting for the Arket Opening with me was no picnic. Nothing wanted to suit me, nothing felt like a “festive opening party” - until, yes, until the greatest Vanja from Prague PR and Nike took full care of the problem child Sarah and fished out a lace dress and men's blazer. Anyway, thanks to the help of my personal stylists, I felt really good and overjoyed. I thank you, you wonderful ones!

Dress & Blazer: Arket
Shoes: Acne Studios
Bag: Chanel WOC

Checks with pinstripe pants? Suit to sneaker? Yes and yes. And if someone again rubs “doesn't work” rules like “black cannot be combined with blue” or “patterns should be used carefully” under my nose, then I definitely want to go one better. Who in the world came up with this set of rules? In any case, I mix exactly how it suits me and feel more comfortable than ever with it.

Some of you will know my preference for tent-like outfits from the pre-Wilma era: Pants couldn't be wide enough and the tops you chose didn't look anything but body-hugging. After my pregnancy, however, my clothing style changed and all of a sudden I longed for tight-fitting clothes. Somehow they gave me support from then on. Now and then, however, it can't be far enough even today - for example, whenever I throw over coats like protective tents. And just such a model reached me a few weeks ago from the cooperation between Barbour and Margaret Howell. In this collaboration, the good old wax jacket was given a little make-over. Oh, great love!

Why do I rarely wear two-piece suits, I ask myself every time I step outside the door in my wool ensemble. The answer is short and sweet: I don't know. This cozy, warm duo is perfect for the current autumn season. Correctly layered, you don't even need a transition jacket here.

Wool two-piece by & Other Stories (similar here)
Turtleneck: Arket

Shoes: Acne Studios
Scarf: Acne Studios
Socks: Kunert

I am very proud of my eBay find aka the Escada Check Blazer, which I have hardly taken off since then. The wool blend ensures that I can do without the transition jacket and that this model is the perfect companion forever. Suitcase with it and off it went with my daughter to the train station to spend the upcoming weekend with my sister in beautiful Dortmund. Travel outfit: check!

Blazer: Escada via eBay
Turtleneck: buy yourself happy (unfortunately old)
Jeans: Big Baggy by Levis
Shoes: Nike Air Force 1
Cap: Prada
Bag: Acne Studios

It cannot be denied: Winter is coming! And while I was strolling through Dortmund parks, I had to realize for the first time again that leather shoes must gradually be exchanged for warm shoes.

In order to shine a little bit in this gray time, I have been trying for a few seasons to distance myself from dark winter coats. The result? A purple-colored model by Stine Goya, which reached me on time for the weekend and prepared me perfectly for the bleakly cold weather in Dortmund. The shoes will be exchanged for warm shoes very soon, the coat, it stays!