Is there a film about Indira Gandhi

India stops film about the murder of Indira Gandhi

The film "Barely De Heere" is not allowed to come to the cinema because it portrays the politician's murderers too positively. The government fears violence between Hindus and Sikhs.

The Indian government bans the cinema release of the film "Barely De Heere", which deals with the murder of the former head of government Indira Gandhi. The film should have hit theaters in India on Friday. However, the Central Committee for Film Admissions stopped the theatrical release on Thursday, reported the Indian news agency PTI.

According to media reports, the film was checked at the request of the Ministry of the Interior. The Indian secret service is said to have previously warned of outbreaks of violence in the north of the country.

The film has come under fire because it allegedly makes Gandhi's murderers appear in a positive light.

Gandhi was murdered by two Sikh bodyguards

In June 1984, by order of the head of government, Indian troops stormed the Golden Temple in the northern state of Punjab, where militants of the Sikh religious community had holed up. Hundreds of people were killed in the operation.

Four months later, Gandhi was killed by two Sikh bodyguards. About 3,000 people died in the riots that followed.

Opponents of the film include the youth organization of Gandhi's Congress Party. "I wrote to the Prime Minister (Narendra Modi) to have the film stopped," Vikramjit Chaudhary of the Punjab Youth Congress told AFP. He had already warned against violent protests against the film at the beginning of the week.

Director: "Neither heroes nor villains"

The director Ravinder Ravi, however, defended his work in an interview with the newspaper "The Hindu": The characters in the film are "neither heroes nor villains".