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Svelte Workshop - 3 days online training: The complete introduction

==== Description of the online training

✅ You get a complete understanding of the architecture behind a Svelte application and get all the relevant information to develop modern, complex, responsive and scalable web applications with one of the most modern front-end web frameworks on the market.

✅ Three practical training days with many exercises using video conference software. Requirements for the online training per participant: stable internet, webcam and loudspeaker and a quiet place!

==== Contents of the three-day online training

  • Svelte - first steps
  • Svelte - syntax and basic features
  • Svelte - Dynamic Editions
  • Svelte - reactivity
  • Svelte - component details
  • Svelte - forms
  • Svelte - condition management
  • Svelte - movement, transitions and animations
  • Svelte - network communication via Http
  • Svelte - routing and server-side rendering with Sapper
  • Svelte - deployment

==== Your trainer: Peter Hecker

Peter Hecker has been working as an entrepreneur and manager in IT, online and training companies for over 30 years.

Peter Hecker has a wide range of skills and qualifications in various IT and digital topics.

Peter Hecker has been imparting his knowledge as a coach, lecturer and trainer for over 20 years.

The participants in his events appreciate his practical experience as well as the practical and pragmatic transfer of knowledge.

==== This is what the participants say about Peter Hecker

Pleasant atmosphere, well answered questions, good presentation

Mr. Hecker responded very well to individual requests, questions and suggestions. A very informative, interesting and successful seminar.

A convincing trainer who does his program well and is good at answering questions.

Mr. Hecker conveyed everything well and also answered special questions. In terms of length, the seminar (or the content) was well planned. Everything great!

Mr. Hecker is technically very competent, always in a good mood, answers every question and researches if necessary - great!

Mr. Hecker presented the topic very clearly and answered all questions. I now feel well prepared to take off on Monday.

Mr. Hecker was very responsive to the questions and needs of the audience and was also able to answer every marginal question to the satisfaction

Mr. Hecker is very competent and responded very well to individual questions / needs / wishes. Very good didactics!

Clearly structured, well structured, well responded to questions and individual needs of the individual participants.

Very good presentation style, both PowerPoint slides and illustration with drawings, so that you could always find out more details. In terms of content, everything was also covered that was expected and what was expressed as a wish at the beginning of the seminar.

Professionally and personally great! Methodically everything is great. Pedagogically very convincing!

I really liked the relaxed, professional manner. Competent, committed, professional. Good examples, sympathetic demeanor. Own topic ideas were taken up

Competent, entertaining topics conveyed well. Could virtually answer any question off the cuff.

Very good expertise, all questions answered.

Funny, tangy, good. What a SUPER lecturer!