When will Indians stop judging others?

Perceiving the child instead of judging them

There are also parents who, as if shot from a pistol, only ever say one thing: "Be careful, don't hurt yourself!" Or: "Don't get dirty!" No matter what the child is doing, the parents only have these comments ready. And they are completely unaware of what they are doing with it: they are destroying the child's experience by asking the child to confirm their rules instead of confirming the existence of their child as parents - and that is what the child does really need to be able to develop his self-esteem.

Adults have a deadly power of definition, an expression coined by a Norwegian educator a few years ago ("the adult power of definition"). Adults have the power to "define" children as good or bad, hysterical or sweet. But the more you define someone, the less space you give them to find out who they are. So how are children supposed to find out who they are when they are constantly being judged unfairly? This adult power to define everything is basically poison for the children. Nothing worse can happen to them in the development of their self-esteem.

It's just about getting used to a new language. And when you start, you will get so much positive feedback that you can't stop. If you stick to a judgmental, judgmental language, you will eventually get lonely and only get into conflict. If you want to have a personal dialogue, you are talking about yourself and not me. But if you start to judge me, then it's clear: I'll do it too - and the argument will start. We fight for our positions and lose contact with each other. Each showered the other with accusations, and it is completely unproductive: we let off steam, but we also hurt each other and in the end we are both unhappy and by no means cured.