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Best JoJo for children: Our recommendations for 2021

Finding the right JoJo for children is not that easy. JoJos have been popular toys and sports equipment for decades. JoJos fulfill the principle: easy to learn, hard to master. That is what makes it so attractive. At first glance, a JoJo is simple. However, there are many variants and differences that we will address in our JoJo comparison. We show our recommendations in this post. Often the products are also referred to as yo-yo or yo-yo. However, what is meant is always the same.

Buy JoJo: What should you pay attention to?
  • JoJo type: There are JoJos that run back automatically (responsive) and JoJos that first have to be moved using a trick (not reponsive)
  • material: JoJos are made of plastic and aluminum, the latter being of higher quality and more durable.
  • optics: Optics play an important role, especially for children. Orientate yourself on the child's favorite colors and designs
  • Equipment: Some JoJos offer a more or less extensive accessory package with replacement cords and transport bags
  • Price-performance ratio

The best JoJos for children

In the yo-yo comparison we consider six different yo-yos from different manufacturers. We attach particular importance to the type and shape of the yo-yo, the accessories supplied, the look and the price-performance ratio. We didn't do any practical tests. The evaluation is based on manufacturer information and customer ratings.

TIP: Magic Yo-Yo - Pro Responsive Yoyo for beginners

The manufacturer Magic Yo-You offers a Buttlerfly JoJo for beginners. The JoJo is made of aluminum and equipped with a ball bearing. String tricks and loop tricks are possible with this yo-yo - if the latter will also need some practice with this yo-yo, because the line gap is very wide. The JoJo also looks good. It comes with a two-tone painting in graffiti optics. The Pro Responsive JoJo is delivered in a transport bag and a glove. Rating: Great Butterfly JoJo, which leaves nothing to be desired for beginners and advanced learners!

PRICE TIP: Henrys - JoJo Lizzard

This JoJo comes from Henrys in the Buttlerfly design, as it is equipped with a high-speed ball bearing for particularly complicated tricks. Rubber rings increase friction and ensure a pronounced responsiveness. The package includes the JoJo, a bag for transport and a 40-minute DVD that explains the JoJo and some tricks. Beginners have direct assistance and a higher learning curve. The JoJo is also available in many colors. Rating: Decent responsive JoJo, which is particularly noticeable due to the included learning DVD!

Yostar - N11 JoJo

This JoJo comes from Yostar and is non-responsive. This means that it does not come back into the hand automatically, but must first be fetched back with the help of a trick, the so-called binding. This yo-yo is a good choice for string tricks. However, beginners will find it rather frustrating to take their first steps with this yo-yo. Rating: An excellent advanced yo-yo for everyone who wants to deal with string tricks!

Yoyo Factory - One Yoyo

The One Yoyo from the Yoyo Factory comes with two different ball bearings. The smaller one is perfect for beginners who want to learn the basic principles first. Later, with more experience, the second ball bearing can be installed. All common tricks can then be performed with this. The JoJo comes with a replacement cord. Rating: Good JoJo, which can be used for a long time thanks to two ball bearings!

Yomega - Xodus JoJo

The Xodus JoJo from Yomega was specially designed for performing string tricks. Therefore, it was decided to use an extra-wide line gap, which allows maximum flexibility with the tricks. The built-in rubber ring ensures sufficient control at the same time. In the event that the cord breaks, two spare cords are included. The JoJo is responsive and has a long idle period. Rating: Good JoJo for string trick enthusiasts!

Magic Yoyo - V6

This yo-yo is made of high-quality, polished aluminum, which has a positive effect on the look and feel. You can also choose between different colors. The JoJo is responsive and has a ball bearing. The ball bearing was chosen to give beginners maximum control over the yo-yo. The JoJo is only suitable to a limited extent for advanced tricks. The JoJo comes in a pouch to protect it from scratches and 5 spare cords. Rating: Beginner's yo-yo made of aluminum, which impresses with its optics and accessories!

Additional information and frequently asked questions about JoJos

In the following we give answers to the most common questions about JoJos and our comparison.

JoJo forms: Imperial and Butterfly

At JoJos we distinguish between two basic forms, which we would like to explain at this point.

Imperial JoJo: Imperial Yoyos consist of rounded discs with a very narrow gap for the cord. The name comes from the JoJo of the same name from the Duncan company, which manufactured and sold the Imperal JoJo back in 1954.

Butterfly JoJo: Butterfly JoJos are best for line tricks because they have a wide line gap. Incidentally, the Buttlerfly-JoJo was also developed by the Duncan company and marketed in the 1960s.

JoJo types: Responsive, non-responsive, no idle

There are different types of yo-yos, each suitable for a specific application.

Responsive JoJo: Responsive yo-yos are best for beginners. They have an idle so that the yo-yo stays at the end of the rope by itself. It automatically rolls up as soon as the momentum is lost. Between the yo-yo and the cord there is material that increases the friction and thus the control over the yo-yo.

Non-responsive: Even non-responsive JoJos work with an idle. Here the JoJo does not roll up again automatically. So the user of the JoJos has more control. To get the JoJo back, the cord must be placed in the cord gap. Only then does enough friction arise to bring the yo-yo back. Since this technique is not trivial, these JoJos are not suitable for beginners. Advanced users and professionals have more options for tricks with non-responsive JoJos.

Without idling: JoJos without idling are the simplest variant of the JoJos. These JoJos only consist of two plates that are screwed onto each other and a cord that is threaded in the space between the two plates. This JoJo is not suitable for tricks. But as a simple children's toy, a yo-yo without idling is also a lot of fun.

JoJo Tricks: String Tricks, Loop Tricks and Tricks for Beginners

String Tricks: String tricks are one of the most impressive feats that you can perform with the JoJo. The string trick is about depicting figures with the yo-yo. For string tricks a yo-yo with idle is required. If the JoJo is in idle mode, you can create patterns by skillfully grasping it.

Loop tricks: Loop tricks are about artfully moving the yo-yo through the air. A classic loop trick, for example, is the 360 ​​degree rotation. The trick here is to keep the JoJo under tension. No idle yo-yos are necessary for loop tricks, they can be performed with any yoyo.

Tricks for Beginners: Beginners should initially concentrate on using the yo-yo properly without any tricks. Then you can start rolling the yo-yo on the floor between windings. Loop tricks can also be learned quickly for beginners. Only the string tricks are more advanced and require a high quality yo-yo.

The following video shows the basic movement with the JoJo for beginners:

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JoJo equipment: With light, ball bearings and more

lightball-bearingRewindFreewheel / idleRods

Some yo-yos are equipped with LED lighting. But they are only a gimmick and have no influence from games. In the dark, the effect of the glowing yo-yo is quite impressive.

A ball bearing in the yo-yo reduces friction and makes it easier to perform tricks. A ball bearing consists of two rings that rotate independently of each other.

A return is not a separate technical device. With rewind it means that the yo-yo rolls up automatically. This is the case with reponsive yo-yos. They are good for loop tricks, less good for string tricks, since there is no control there.

Freewheeling refers to the time in which the yo-yo rotates around its own axis at the end of the cord before it returns to its owner. Almost all modern yo-yos have a freewheel, only very simple models have no freewheel. The ball bearing is missing here.

A yo-yo with sticks is not a yo-yo in the actual sense, but a diabolo. The diabolo is quite similar to the yo-yo, but requires different skills and works a little differently. You can find more about diabolos in the Diabolo Comparison.

Tinker JoJo yourself?

You can easily make a simple yoyo yourself at home. You only need two buttons of the same size, a needle and thread. The two buttons are then sewn together at the back. The cord can then be attached and wound up. The yoyo is ready. However, this yo-yo is not suitable for performing complex tricks with it. But it's enough to get started.

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