Why is physics not taught in elementary schools

In order to ensure comparability and mobility, the Conference of Ministers of Education and Cultural Affairs has specified a framework for the individual subjects in its relevant agreements for the individual school levels. These concerns in particular the compulsory subjects to be taught as well as their number of hours. In addition, with its recommendations on individual subjects and overarching learning areas, it provides impetus for their further development. A third category of publications are reports on the situation of teaching subjects in the countries.

The specific design of curricula and lesson content is not coordinated by the Conference of Ministers of Education, but is the responsibility of the education ministries of the federal states. The secretariat of the Conference of Ministers of Education maintains a curriculum database for information. A certain exception are the uniform examination requirements in the Abitur examination (EPA) and, since 2003, the educational standards for the central subjects of German, mathematics, English, French, biology, physics and chemistry.

Information on the individual subjects can be found under


Information about specific lesson content or information that cannot be clearly assigned to a subject can be found on the page "Other lesson content".