The Times paywall works

Reading tip for Z +:
This is how the "time" paywall works

Z + should it read and function similarly to a subscription: In an interview with the media magazine "Journalist" the editor-in-chief speaksJochen Wegner via the login model of Time online. His trick in order not to forfeit too much reach: a mixture of free content from, a limited number of print texts online for logged-in users, the entire printed "time"online with a digital subscription. The Z + model is to be used from autumn.

According to "Journalist", Wegner chose the solution of continuing to offer pure online content free of charge in order to maintain its reach. Paywall models from the New York Times or Süddeutsche, for example, apply to the entire website after a fixed number of free articles.

According to an interview in the "Journalist", Wegner believes it is conceivable that Zeit-Online items also end up behind the login: "There is of course the debate as to whether we should put the popular Thomas Fischer columns or large online dossiers behind a login. " Wegner told the magazine. "We don't know and will play with it."

Individual texts, on the other hand, like the one mirror is trying, will not be available to buy online at the time. "All the successful models that I see focus on retaining readers in the long term," said Wegner, because he doubts that, for example, the Spiegel will generate relevant sales through individual sales.