Amity students receive backlogs easily

The start of the school year with new faces

The 2020/2021 school year began at Sigmund-Wann-Realschule with around 544 boys and girls - a slight increase compared to the previous year. School principal Oliver Meier is pleased that three fifth classes could be formed with 81 children: two regular and one all-day class. The latter shows that the offer of supervision by teachers until 4 p.m. is still gladly accepted, as there is also an all-day class in the 6th grade. This year, for example, weekly schedule hours, i.e. time for homework and learning or repeating, can now be integrated already in the morning.

The principle of the talent group at the Realschule has been going well since 2016. Particularly high-performing pupils in the compulsory elective subject groups I and II have the opportunity to learn French from the 7th grade and take the final exam there. Also this year some youngsters could be won for this in the seventh grade. In addition, some 6th grade students take part in the CyberMentorPlus program at the University of Regensburg as part of the MINT funding.

Fortunately, the numerous remedial courses in the core and profile subjects, which were designed for each grade, sometimes separated by class, can take up a large space in order to catch up on any backlogs from the time the corona-related school closes and thus give all students the chance to start the school year successfully. In addition, it was possible to split some classes in the core subjects in order to learn and work more efficiently in small groups.

Since this school year, the Sigmund-Wann-Realschule can look forward to the title “School with the school profile inclusion”. With this, the Ministry of Culture honors the diverse "educational concepts in which lessons and school life are designed in such a way that they are geared towards the diversity of all pupils".

It will be interesting to see what the coming school year, which started so very differently, will bring - especially since the Sigmund-Wann-Realschule is celebrating a milestone birthday, as it will be 50 years old in 2021.

Back from left to right: Barbara Haas (D / Sw), André Pinzer (Ph / IT) and Thomas Beismann (M / E)

Front from left to right: Verena Kayser (M / Psy), Amity Steidl (M / Sw / IT), Ursula Mücke (EG / TG ​​/ Ku) and Antje Hostalka (W / Ku / IT)