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Big feet? Here you can find all shoe tips and great facts.

How to find the perfect shoes for a larger shoe size.

The average shoe size of German women is 39 and that of men 43. Where one is below the average, the other is just above it. Do you have bigger feet It's not weird at all. For example, did you know that Kate Winslet and Paris Hilton are both size 42? You are certainly not the only person struggling to find a pair of shoes in a larger size. We are happy to help you find the perfect shoe. That's why you can read here what you want to know about big feet and get tips on how to make your feet look smaller. Because that's what we want, isn't it?


  • Sometimes you buy your shoes that are too small because they are a little smaller. Please don't do this. This really isn't good for your feet, and your shoes are likely to break faster, too.

  • You will only find a few shoes in your size. Many women’s shoes are only available up to size 42 and men’s shoes are usually up to size 47. Nowadays more and more brands are adding larger sizes to their collections, but it is still difficult to find a pair.

  • As a woman, you sometimes look around in the men's collection. The problem with this is that the shoes don't just get longer. They are also wider than your average women's shoe.


Tip 1: Opt for a chunky sole. Now you might be thinking: Doesn't that make my foot look bigger? This is not the case. A shoe with a chunky sole focuses attention on the sole, not the foot. Let the chunky sole be a trend. Take a look at the dad sneakers: super hip and therefore perfect if you have a larger shoe size.


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Tip 2: Choose a print. A print distorts the contours of the shoe and makes your foot look smaller. Let the animal prints be completely fashionable. A seam on the tip is also a good idea for you. Or a combination of different materials, prints and types of leather. Unless the shoe is made entirely of smooth leather, as your foot won't look good in it.


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Tip 3: Pay attention to the toe of your shoe. The tip of the shoe is very important for larger feet. Our tip: choose a round or square tip. Leave your pointy shoes lying around because it emphasizes the size of your feet and you don't want that.


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Tip 4: As with clothing, dark colors visually reduce the size of shoes. Black and dark blue shoes are a good example and make your feet look smaller. No matter how beautiful they are in summer, white shoes are not the best choice for large feet, as it only makes them look bigger.


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Tip 5: Wear heels. Would you like to add a few inches in length and make your feet look a little less noticeable? Then try a heel under the shoe. Opt for a block heel. Surely a high block heel boot will do a lot for your feet. The boots accentuate your legs, so your feet are not noticeable.