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Albert Ehrenstein's poems

By Klaus Jeziorkowski

The naive believe that it is the authors who make the books. And there are more naive readers than naive books. Books are made about opportunities and constellations at least as often.

This experience confirms the Ehrenstein edition by Jörg Drews. Several things come together: There are poems by Albert Ehrenstein, published and unpublished, and the Ehrenstein estate in the "Jewish National and University Library" in Jerusalem, which is apparently difficult to survey. There is Jörg Drews, who received his doctorate in 1969 with a dissertation on "The Poetry of Albert Ehrenstein". And finally there is edition text + kritik as a journalistic forum, which in turn houses a series of "Early Modern Texts". One of the three editors in this series is Jörg Drews. Now the rest is just an arithmetic example until the volume comes on the market with a selection from Ehrenstein's entire lyrical oeuvre -

Albert Ehrenstein: "How am I harnessed to the coal wagon of my grief?", Poems; Series: Early Texts of Modernism, edition text + kritik, Munich, 1977; 180 pp., 17 DM.

The question should, however, be whether the quality of Ehrenstein's lyrical work is such that it is worthwhile to bring it before our eyes in whole or in part, or whether what is selected and presented here has the status of a document of the times, which makes it suitable to be presented in a collection of early modern texts, for example next to the pieces by Scheerbart that are already very well placed there. Both questions are answered negatively by the edition and the publisher himself.

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