Who offers Visa prepaid cards in Canada

Which credit card for Canada?

Canada with its vastness, untouched nature and friendly people is one of the Germans' dream destinations. The country has a modern infrastructure, so that credit cards are in fact accepted everywhere, also and especially in hotels or with rental cars.

It should be noted, however, that credit cards from most German banks and savings banks in Canada cannot be used free of charge. V-Pay, ec card, maestro card, Mastercard or Visa: almost all of these cards cause quite high fees. The table below shows you the cheapest options for your ideal and free credit card for Canada.

Withdraw money free of charge - credit card comparison

Status: May 2021

Canada prepaid credit card

For those who prefer to use a prepaid credit card for their Canada vacation, we recommend the W├╝stenrot Bank offer. Not only is the account management free here, but also the prepaid Visa card, with which you can withdraw money 24 times a year free of charge worldwide.
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Currency in Canada

Canada, like its neighbor USA, has the dollar as its currency, although the Canadian dollar is not the same as the US dollar. In terms of value, the two currencies are relatively close to one another, but not linked to one another. US dollars are generally accepted, but often at poorer rates. The most common coins are a dollar or two, plus there are cent coins. The bills are commonly in use in five, ten, and twenty, as well as fifty dollar notes.

Banks in Canada

In Canada there are not only banks but also exchange offices, which are quite common, especially in the vast expanses of the country. Here, however, the exchange rate is unfavorable. In fact, all of the world's major banks or at least one network partner are in the big cities. The branches are often also open on Saturdays, otherwise the opening times are similar to those in Germany. There is an extensive network of ATMs.

Credit cards accepted in Canada

Apart from the fees, any major credit card is suitable as a credit card for Canada: V-Pay, EC card, Maestro card, Visa or Mastercard are accepted as a matter of course as well as American Express or Diners Club, the two major providers from the USA. In small bars and motels in the wilderness, it is still better to have some cash with you in local currency.
The table below shows the Canada credit card that is right for you, if you want it convenient, secure and, if possible, free.

Which credit card for Canada ?:
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