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I wanted to say that you've been kind of absent-minded on me since Christmas have worked.
Stavo per dirti che da Natale in poi - mi be sembrata un po 'distratta.
So it's true that you've never done this type of spell have worked.
Allora è vero che non shark May eseguito questa invocazione.
'Because you hurt a lot last night have worked.
Perché eri molto arrabbiata ieri sera.
As soon as you finish the spell have worked.
Quando avrai finito l'incantesimo.
Cam, the only reason I've tried to find you a job is because you've been a little ... unfulfilled lately have worked.

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You have workedas if you were hiding something.
Quella sera, sembrava che nascondessi qualcosa.
You has distracted worked, all this texting with Mike.
You has tense worked, that's why I wanted you
Wed sembravi un po 'tesa, so ho pensato di farti sorridere un po'.
When you first went to the float has you worked like a fish on dry land.
Sai, la prima volta che sei salita su quel carro da parata, sembravi un pesce fuor d'acqua.
You has so happy today worked.
You has a spell workedso that Klaus cannot enter.
You has seen it with your mother worked Has.
You has so lonely lately worked.
I wanted to tell you everything last night, but you has not exactly like that workedLike you're in the mood for it.
Volevo dirti tutto ieri sera, ma non mi sembravi dell'umore giusto.
When Sander introduced us has you very young on me worked.
Wed be sembrata un po 'giovane quando Sander ti ha presentato.
You know you has always like a market-tested thing worked.
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