Save money by making your own food

Saving money: 77 great savings tips for families

Save money at home

1) Keeping the budget book

Keep a budget book and use it to regularly check your expenses. For each issue, consider whether it was actually necessary and how you can avoid it in the future.

2) Create a cooking plan

It's best to set up a cooking schedule for the entire week on the weekend. This allows you to shop more specifically and thus save time and money.

3) Cook with the lid on

Cooking with a lid saves a good 20% energy compared to cooking without a lid. So choose the correct stove top. A plate that is too large only consumes unnecessary energy.

4) Freeze leftovers

If there's something left over, it's best to freeze it in small doses. Containers according to portion sizes are ideal.

5) Eat cheap in canteens

Canteens of large companies and district offices are often accessible to third parties. You can eat relatively cheaply there.

6) Take food with you to work

Anyone who works in the office knows the daily question "Shall we go eat?" 10 euros are quickly spent. If you take food with you to work, you can save a good 7 euros a day. That's a total of 1,500 euros in savings a year - provided you go through with it that way. Tip: Just cook a little more in the evening and take it with you the next day.

7) Create a herb garden

Your own herb garden regularly supplies fresh herbs and you save a lot of money compared to herbs from the supermarket. However, a suitable sunny spot and regular water are required.

8) Use soda maker

Forget about lugging boxes and get yourself a soda maker. This enriches tap water (you can also filter it with a water filter) with CO2. Tap water can be enjoyed in Germany without hesitation because it is of very good quality. This saves you up to 200 euros a year, depending on consumption.

9) Avoid coffee capsules and pads

In recent years the trend has been towards pad or capsule machines. If you extrapolate the cost of coffee to one kilo, however, you will get dizzy: the kilo of coffee costs up to 85 euros for such capsules! Normal filter coffee or espresso costs 10-15 euros per kilo.

10) showering instead of bathing

If you switch to showering instead of bathing once a week, you can save between 50 and 70 euros a year. By the way, showering more than once a day is not recommended.

11) Toilet flush with economy button

A person consumes an average of 35 liters of water a day through the flushing process alone. This can be reduced to up to 15 liters with the help of an economy button. For a family of 4, such a button can save 150 euros a year.

12) Wash laundry properly

Always make your washing machine really full - half washes use too much energy in relation to each other. In addition, you should never wash over 60 degrees - in very few cases is even necessary. A tumble dryer is also often not necessary and only consumes electricity unnecessarily. These tips alone can save over 200 euros a year.

13) Halve the rinsing tabs

Try it out: cut the dishwasher tabs in half and track the results. You won't notice any difference and can save 50% of the costs. That can be a good 40 euros a year.

14) Refill printer cartridges

If you rely on third-party suppliers instead of brands for printer cartridges (avoid only fake products from China), you will save a lot of money. You save even more if you refill the cartridges yourself at home.

15) Selling old things

Old books, CDs, DVDs and games can be sold on, for example. You have more space again and a little more money in your pocket.

16) Call for free

With Skype you can make free calls anywhere in the world. It is only important that both interlocutors have the "Skype" app installed on their computer or mobile phone.

17) collect rainwater

If you have your own garden, you can collect your rainwater in a barrel and use it to water the plants. It's even better than tap water. So ideal: Install your own well to water the garden.

18) Make your own furniture

A real scene has already developed around the topic of "Euro pallet furniture". With a little creativity and skill, you can make your own furniture inexpensively. There are plenty of suggestions on

19) TV via satellite dish instead of cable

The fees for a cable connection are around 12-15 euros per month. With a satellite dish with a receiver, you have the money back after 10 months and then you don't pay a cent.

20) Or: turn off the television

If you leave the television off in the evening, you save electricity and use your time more sensibly. You will see there are numerous things that are more fun and that can involve the whole family.

21) Invite friends instead of going out

Staying at home is always cheaper than going out. Regardless of whether it's about the food or the drinks, you can save a lot of money with evenings together at home.

22) Create gifts yourself instead of buying them

Homemade products come from the heart and are usually appreciated accordingly. No matter if it is biscuits or a cake. There are also numerous instructions for making natural soaps, bath salts or cherry stone pillows on the Internet. What also works: personal vouchers such as "voucher for 1x babysitting".

23) Save hairdresser

Do you really need a hairstyle from a professional hairdresser or can someone from the family do it too? Especially with "simple" hairstyles, the hairdresser may not be necessary.

24) Quark lasts twice as long

Turning unopened curd upside down will keep it fresh for twice as long.

25) Replace fertilizer

Instead of fertilizer from the plant market, you can also pour the brew from the potato boil onto your plants. This is because it contains many minerals.

26) Save bird sand

If you have birds at home, simply replace the expensive bird sand with cheap quartz sand from the hardware store. You don't have to worry about that.