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There is hope, but only a small hope that few know about. The ancient plates speak of an item called the Garden of Eden Creation Kit. They say it can bring life back to the wasteland
Whoa, are these things now in kits? The good book doesn't mention that.

The Garden of Eden creation kit (G.E.E.K.) was a terraforming device manufactured by Future-Tec, a division of Vault-Tec. Its purpose was to revitalize areas of a post-nuclear wasteland. The concept as well as the design was invented by Doctor Stanislaus Braun, a brilliant, if selfish, Vault-Tec researcher.


The kit looks like a small, silver briefcase with the letters G.E.C.K. (English for G.E.E.K.) emblazoned, according to Vault-Tec, it contains all of the seeds, fertilizers and other equipment (including a "Cold Fusion" power generator and a basic replicator) necessary to start a new settlement in a post-nuclear world after one Protection has left a vault.

Each vault was probably built with 2 G.E.E.K. equipped, except Vault 8, 13, 112, 101 and 111. Vault 8's extra G.E.E.K. was exchanged for water chips from Vault 13 (whether due to an accident or as a nefarious plan is unknown) that had been ordered as a reserve. Vault 112 and 101 were never used with one G.E.E.K. equipped as they were never meant to be opened again. They were both an experiment in permanent captivity.

The G.E.E.K. will collapse all matter nearby and combine them again to form a living, breathing, fertile and untouched landscape and thus allow life to start over.

The Garden of Eden creation kit is a device capable of radically changing the wasteland. It transforms dead, irradiated soil into viable, suitable land for agriculture. It is implied, if not confirmed, that this is the normal function of a person G.E.E.K.s is in Fallout 2. However, there is considerable disagreement as to what a G.E.E.K. really does; The only time you see one in action (and not just its aftermath) is in Fallout 3.

The G.E.E.K. Builders had no real idea what the post-nuclear world would look like and had no real means of predicting it. Despite their numerous "thorough checks" (to be honest, it is doubtful that they gave much thought to it, considering how badly organized the protection project was, not to mention that many of the vaults were experimental in nature) it seems so the seeds in that G.E.E.K.that was intended for Vault 8 were viable.
The G.E.E.K.-Designers have assumed that the vault dwellers know how to read and how to use the various technologies made available in the vault. They hadn't counted on the diminished knowledge of pre-war technologies of the wasteland tribes or similar risks. They also hadn't planned that the FEV would escape into the big wide world, or that the vault inhabitants would be attacked by giant mutated scorpions, cockroaches or rats.
The seeds and the manure of the G.E.E.K.It's relatively quick, but ... "The government sub-committees that sponsor the research and the contractors (Future-Tec) weren't really concerned about it. They were 'relatively certain' the seeds would be viable in a post-nuclear environment. You had done 'thorough testing' and 'all conclusions' showed that this was the best option, the GEEK are a miracle ... a miracle they work at all.
- Fallout Bible 6

Current content

The G.E.E.K. were built as a matter-energy replicator and wonderful terraforming devices, converting a surface into energy and then putting it back together according to a certain molecular pattern. The devices that were built according to the specifications of Stanislaus Braun, Vault-Tec's "magician scientist", were certainly such.

The G.E.E.K. isn't really a replicator. It contains a fertilizer system with a variety of foods, seeds, fertilizers and chemicals that fertilize a dry wasteland (and possibly certain areas of the lunar surface that are on top of it G.E.E.K. were prepared) and could transform it into a sustainable place for agriculture. The G.E.E.K. is to be gradually dismantled in the course of its process of helping a community (for example, the cold fusion energy source should be the main energy source for the new city). All other information that people need can be found in the encyclopedias in the Holodisk library G.E.E.K. Appropriately. This pen flashlight was just a bonus.
- Fallout Bible 6
The G.E.E.K. also contain some basic force field schematics as well as information on how buildings can be built from the landscape. (or contain chemicals that can make "sand-concrete" walls)

As for clothes, that includes G.E.E.K. Codes that give the vault the ability to produce more different types of coveralls (including weatherproof ones) from their dispensers than they did before G.E.E.K. could do. It is possible that that G.E.E.K. contains other codes that can unlock other programs in the vault computer that were originally locked because they would jeopardize the vault's survival if used or intercepted (or disrupt the big project).

The G.E.E.K. also showed the vault dwellers how to dismantle parts of their vault to build houses or defenses on the surface.
- Fallout Bible 6

Fallout 2

Garden of Eden creation kit

Technical information

The Garden Eden Creation Kit can be found as standard in every vault. The G.E.E.K. is the resource to rebuild after the bombs. Just add water and stir.

The tribesmen of the town of Arroyo, which was founded by the bunker dweller, passed on stories "The holy G.E.E.K.". They believed it could turn the wasteland back into fertile land.

The tribesmen saw the G.E.E.K. as a panacea for all of their problems. They saw it as a miracle device. While it is certainly useful, it is not the miracle maker they think it is