How do property management systems work

Online reservation system

More bookings, fewer commissions.

If a booking is made through an external booking channel (such as, Tripadvisor or AirBnB), you always have to expect commission costs. You can solve this problem by creating a separate room rate (which is not allowed by law). But it is probably more interesting to get bookings through your own hotel website. Are you still using a contact form or do you want people to book a room over the phone? Then this is the moment to use the Booking Engine, RoomRaccoon's online reservation system. Let your guests book a hotel room through your own website, how easy can it be?

Efficient online reservation system

Let's be honest, an online reservation system offers many advantages for your hotel, holiday home or bed and breakfast. You can already benefit from it for a low monthly fee. Achieve better sales thanks to the booking engine or reservation system. The automatic processes in the property management software save you a lot of time. In addition to these two functions, you can also use the Channel Manager, ideal for quickly placing your rooms on external booking channels such as AirBnB or Would you like to learn more about RoomRaccoon's hotel software? No problem, create a free account and get started!