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Wimbledon - more accurate Wimbledon Championships - is the most traditional Grand Slam tournament of the year. Men's singles have been played at Wimbledon since 1877 (July 9, 1877) and women's singles since 1884. It takes place third after the Australian Open (hard court) and the French Open (clay court) on grass in London, England. Wimbledon is a borough of London and is played in the venerable All England Lawn Tennis and Croquet Club on currently 19 grass courts. The facility can hold up to 39,000 spectators, which will add up to 500,000 spectators over the duration of the tournament.

Details, special features of Wimbledon

Even if a lot has been modernized at Wimbledon in recent years, the historical significance and the pathos of the tournament can be felt at any time - also on television. If you even begin to look at the history of the Wimbledon tournament and the history of tennis, you will understand why Wimbledon is the tournament of tournaments for every professional tennis player.

Since 2019, Wimbledon has "only" played until 12:12 in the decisive set, in order to then play a final tie-break. The first match of this regulation was then of all things the final between Roger Federer and Novak Djokovic 2019.
More on tie-break regulations in the last sentence for Grand Slam tournaments.

More than 750 players try in 660 games in 15 days to get as much as possible of the total prize money of around 37 million euros. By the way, 54,250 balls are used during the tournament.

For example, the genders are not called men and women, but gentlemen and ladies. Also, the rule of white sport only applies at Wimbledon. 90% of the clothes have to be white. Even Andre Agassi plays in his bird of paradise times in a white dress and Roger Federer even appears in a retro design.
In the adjacent places, the score boards are still operated by people who manually change the signs with the numbers on them. Until a few years ago, this was also the case on the main squares.

Another classic is that as a spectator you have to eat (extremely overpriced) strawberries with cream. 142,000 servings are consumed per tournament. Typically annoying but as usual, you are also faced with the recurring pauses in the rain. Then you can watch a first-class rehearsed maneuver by the ball kids and helpers (a total of 250 out of 750 applications per year) who try to protect the lawn from moisture with tarpaulins in no time at all. As a result, it has recently been possible to play on Center Court at Wimbledon even when it rains, as it was decided to install a closable roof. From 1922 to 2015 there were only 7 tournaments where it hadn't rained. The defending champion always starts the tournament on Center Court the previous year.
Likewise, the first Sunday of the two-week tournament at Wimbledon is traditionally free of play, which is only sacrificed in the event of severe delays due to rain breaks.

Tradition is everything at Wimbledon. For example, those responsible for the players' seeding list do not necessarily follow the current position in the tennis world rankings, but also allow themselves to be postponed at their own discretion - depending on how the player's playing strength is assessed on grass.
This is lawn tennis at Wimbledon: tradition since July 9th, 1877. But if you think you are not moving with the times, you only need to take a look at the official website. Recently, it has a blog as well as a Facebook fan page and an account on Twitter.

Also noteworthy is the club falcon Rufus, who is supposed to keep the pigeons away from the facility.

Highlights at Wimbledon

Lawn tennis at Wimbledon

The grass surface leads to very quick and short rallies, since serve-and-volley is usually played. Incidentally, the height of the lawn at Wimbledon is exactly 8 mm. With two strong players it can be that you hardly see rallies at Wimbledon. These games therefore live from the tension, the few extremely important points. However, the last few years have shown that you can play well with an offensive game from the baseline. Since the balls also change a bit every year to make the game slower, this is difficult to predict. Even damp weather makes the lawn surface faster. These many influencing factors with their traditional meaning and their own environment are what make this prestigious tournament at Wimbledon so attractive. Incidentally, the lawn is mowed to an exact 8 mm - probably every blade of grass. In recent years, Roger Federer has clearly dominated Wimbledon. Roger Federer went out of the tournament as the winner in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006 and 2007. In 2008, however, Roger Federer was defeated against Rafael Nadal. Rafael Nadal also reached the final in the previous two years - but lost to Roger Federer.

Wimbledon on TV, live ticker and results

This tournament does not broadcast Eurosport but Sky (sports package) on PayTV.
In the past, parts of DSF / Sport1 had shown games on free TV and Premiere on pay TV. In 2008, however, the DSF concentrated the transmission time on a summary from 8 p.m. and no longer showed any live games.

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