Where does the mountain time begin?

That's behind #bergzeitdaheim

Through Corona we learned that it doesn't always have to go far. In our homeland, too, undreamt-of paths are waiting to be explored by us. Whether hiking, trail running or bikepacking - with our Bergzeit Bingo we would like to inspire you to take full advantage of your #bergzeitdaheim.

Corona has changed our lives rapidly, we mountaineers had to do without our beloved elixir of life - the mountains all over Europe. We have also made the experience that our environment has so much potential to offer. Now that the exit restrictions are being relaxed, we too want to leave again. Nevertheless, it is important to continue to act responsibly and to maintain social distance. Mountain sports are possible, but we still cannot travel far. Cannot plan overruns or multi-day tours. That is why we start right on our doorstep.

In the coming weeks we want to give you ideas for experiences and adventures right on your doorstep here in the magazine. In addition, our experts present you their best tips and favorite products so that you are optimally equipped for your next tour or trail.

#bergzeitdaheim: hiking, trail running, bikepacking

Hiking, trail running and bikepacking - many associate it with mountains and traveling. For us, the current restrictions are by no means a reason to leave hiking and trail running shoes in the closet and the bike in the garage, because: Freedom is right in front of us.

Explore hidden paths, build stone almonds, run new trails or spontaneously plan the route for the next few days by bike - there is still a lot to experience at home.

In our Bergzeit Bingo we have collected our ideas for your #bergzeitdaheim. With bingo, we want to give you the incentive to get started and make the most of your #bergzeitdaheim. You can start right away. Without travel. Without traffic jams.

Bergzeit Bingo - take part and win!

More than ever, we want to be there for each other, inspire each other and, above all, not lose sight of the fun.

Take part in Bergzeit Bingo and our competition and take the chance to win various prizes worth 500 euros. And this is how it works: As with classic bingo, you complete at least three points in a row (horizontal, vertical, diagonal) and make videos or pictures of them. You send this to us together with the completed bingo.

You can find more information about Bergzeit Bingo and the associated competition here:

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