What are the different sizes of ratchets

Westfalia ratchet wrench with eight sizes

Some time ago we had a ratchet wrench with four sizes in the top agrar shop. The high demand from practice surprised us at the time. Now Westfalia has gone one step further and offers a wrench with eight metric wrench sizes: 8, 10, 11, 13, 14, 16, 17 and 19 mm.

We wanted to know whether this multitool was any good and we ordered it from the online shop for just under € 25. Because the wrench sizes are also given in inches, the shop advertises with the keyword “16 in 1” - but eight sizes are “net”.

The key has forked ends. The supports for the socket wrenches are rotatably mounted here. The four socket wrench inserts have different wrench sizes at both ends, making the bottom line eight sizes. Another advantage: Because the socket wrenches are open due to the external drive, you can also use them to screw nuts onto long threaded rods.

There are small toggle levers on both carriers for the direction of rotation of the ratchet. The toothing or the swivel-back angle is good, it has 72 teeth, i.e. a swivel-back angle of only around 5 °. Switching the direction of rotation works properly.

The two carriers can be rotated freely in their forks - this is an advantage in tight working conditions. However, we found that the straps rotate too easily. This gives you a “wobbly” feeling when screwing, as if the key could slip off quickly. The best thing to do when screwing is to press the respective socket wrench with the other hand and thus fix it securely on the nut. That somewhat spoils the joy of the tool. But as an emergency helper in the toolbox or for daily use on the farm and in the stable, it is a practical aid.