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There are many different types of fireplace. The number has grown due to the innumerable wishes of the customers, if not merged into one another. In the following we have tried to give you an overview.

Heating insert:
The heating insert is one of the most original fireplaces because, as the name suggests, it focuses on heating the house. At that time it was operated from the hallway of the house and hidden behind a refined door. The view of the fire didn't matter at the time. In addition, the heating element is principally in portrait format. Nowadays the heating inserts have changed a bit. Its main function is still directed towards heating, but through a small window, you can now enjoy the fire in the living room. Some owners have their heating insert finished with tiles by the regional tiled stove manufacturer, which turns the heating insert into a tiled stove. As soon as the heating insert is provided with a storage function, fireplaces such as a hot air stove (heating insert with cast heating box) or a storage stove (heating insert with ceramic heating gas flues / heating insert with water technology) are created.

Fireplace insert:
The fireplace insert is a fireplace where looking at the fascinating play of fire has come very much into focus. It impresses with a large, wide pane of glass (landscape format) which, depending on the product, offers a front, corner, panoramic or even an all-round view. So nothing stands in the way of a nice get-together in a family circle or in a friendly circle. Heating is usually only of secondary importance here, as a lot of heat is emitted directly into the room through the large viewing panes. However, with some fireplaces there is the option of buying them with water technology. The only condition for this is that the heating output of the fireplace is strong enough.

Fireplace stove
The stove is a free-standing fireplace that mainly emits pleasant warmth through the window, as well as radiant heat into the room. With a very large window, the stove offers a particularly good view of the fire and also contributes to the design of the house with its unique look. Some stoves can also be equipped with an additional storage tank or water technology.

Basically, it can be said that many manufacturers often do not find a direct separation of the various fireplaces. We therefore recommend that you speak to a tiled stove manufacturer or specialist dealer. He can advise you in the best possible way. If you have not yet contacted us, you are also welcome to take a look at our dealer recommendation for a regional specialist dealer.