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01/24/2014 ON AIR instead of classroom

Pupils from the new grammar school in Wilhelmshaven swapped their classroom for a workplace for a two-week internship. Tjarda Wegener did her internship at the Wilhelmshavener Zeitung. For you a good ... [more]

17.01.2014Discover the fun of science

Cooperation network and the NGW offer a junior academy for children in the Inselheim Rüstringen on Wangerooge. The focus of the extended weekend is the world of the sea. In different ways and child-friendly ... [more]

05.01.2014Welcome 2014

The New Gymnasium Wilhelmshaven wishes you a happy and healthy new year 2014. Good luck and health. [More]

12/19/201320. Door

The penultimate door was taken over by the Plattdeutsch AG. Since a speaker was unfortunately ill, the Christmas story was not recited but Christmas poems. Parts of the poems were easy to understand, ... [more]

12/17/201318. Door

Behind the 17th door of the lively advent calendar, Mrs. Wischer's group performing games was hiding. She has performed a nativity play, a robbery and a love / argument. Instead of the normal ... [more]

12/12/201313. Door

Today's door offered a contribution from HipHop AG in the auditorium. The four 6th grade dancers performed a choreography they had developed themselves last year. Mr. Tiencken explained that the ... [more]

12/11/201312. Door

Today's door did not open in the auditorium but in the stairwell of the east wing. The clear voices of the Singing Kids keep going through house 63. The audience stood tightly packed in front of the stairs and listened ... [more]

12/10/201311. Door

As in the last few days, another door of the lively advent calendar opened today in the second big break. The French course 6abcd from Ms. Andes sang a French Christmas carol .... [more]

10.12.2013 Silent night in silence

On December 21, 2013 a concert by the Young Choir will take place in the Christ and Garrison Church. The young choir is accompanied by the chamber orchestra from Oldenburg. The cards are available in the school secretariat, in the music school and at ... [more]

04/12/20136. Door

Today ProChem was hidden behind the fourth door. Four experiments were performed under the direction of Ms. Endres. The hall was full. First, the fifth grade pupils put on protective goggles ... [more]

04/12/20134. Door

Today the auditorium was packed again during the second big break. Three self-written Christmas poems were recited. [More]

04/12/20133. Door

Behind the second door there was a funny English sketch about the English class. There was a lot of laughter from both the audience and the stage. It was very busy and the seats were all taken. In the end there was ... [more]

03.12.2013 There used to be more tinsel

There is a Christmas tree in the library as of today. Unfortunately he's a little bald. If you still have a little jewelry (Lameter would be the best) for a Christmas tree, you can give it to Mr. Raddatz. Please until the end of the ... [more]

11/28/2013 Lively advent calendar

From December 2nd there will be a living advent calendar. A "door" is opened Monday to Friday for 3 weeks. Several teachers and classes have rehearsed some performances, for example poems, songs, ... [more]

14.11.2013 High schools present culture forum

(Regen) bogen is the motto of this year's cultural forum, which students of the higher grades will create on Friday, November 15th, at 7.30 p.m. in the auditorium of the New High School on Mühlenweg, who will ... [more]

11/14/2013 Proven exchange in a new environment

Those were exciting and varied days for the Polish exchange students: As in the past four years, but for the first time in the new school building of the New Gymnasium Wilhelmshaven (NGW), the ... [more]

11/08/2013Safe across the road!

The way to school is to be implemented! (We already reported on the planned school route concept). School committee, school and parents agreed. The top management now wants to follow their vote. [More]

08.11.2013Editors wanted !!!

Do you enjoy writing? Are you curious and would you like to know everything exactly? Maybe you are interested in the field of journalism? Then WZ has exactly the right choice for you in the youth editorial team ... [more]

05.11.2013 Culture Forum 2013

Anyone interested in a mixture of music, literature, dance and poetry should come to the Culture Forum on November 15, 2013 at 7:30 p.m. in the NGW auditorium. [more]

October 31, 2013 Basic Cooking-AG

Today the Koch AG started for the 5th and 6th grade. At the moment the working group is fully occupied with 16 participants. The participants learned how to cut onions, clean leeks and not touch their fingers ... [more]

30.10.2013 Visitor day at NGW

On Friday, November 1st, 2013 we cordially invite all interested parties to a visitor's day at the New Gymnasium Wilhelmshaven at Mühlenweg 63/65 from 3 pm to 6 pm. [More]

10/22/2013 The apology procedure

At the request of some students, the following text describes in detail the apology procedure. In the event of a long-term illness, school is closed no later than the 3rd day of illness (verbally or ... [more]

10/22/2013A new perspective on home in exchange

New grammar school will participate in the EU's Comenius program over the next two years. Schools from eight countries work together on one topic. Representatives of the partners are currently in Wilhelmshaven for preparation. [More]

October 21, 2013Captain Pasteur

The explosive adventures of Captain Pasteur von Wiebke Endres with drawings by Marla Schumacher. [More]

15.10.2013European learning worlds developed

Students from the new grammar school in Wilhelmshaven focus on the North Sea. In the “World of Water Learning” seminar, the pupils examined the Wadden Sea very carefully. That aroused their enthusiasm for the inhabitants of the North Sea. [More]

27.09.2013An enormous educational potential

At the New Gymnasium, 80 teachers teach 900 students all-day. The teaching staff at the New Wilhelmshaven Grammar School were lucky enough to have the school built according to their own ideas. That said ... [more]

The grammar school is officially inaugurated

The new grammar school Wilhelmshaven on Mühlenweg has become one of the most modern schools in Germany. This is what the architect Prof. Frank Hausmann said at the inauguration. [More]

26.09.2013Official inauguration of the NGW

Today at noon the “New Gymnasium Wilhelmshaven” was officially inaugurated as part of a small ceremony. The headmistress Anke Steckhan received the symbolic key from Mayor Andreas Wagner, ... [more]

Inauguration of the new grammar school

This is not an end in itself, but the result of goal-oriented planning. The demographic framework had to be taken into account as well as the increasing quality demands on schools. [More]

25.09.2013WZ supplement to the NGW

The city of Wilhelmshaven has invested around 15 million euros in the construction and conversion of the new grammar school in Wilhelmshaven. The result is one of the most modern high schools in Lower Saxony on Mühlenweg, where a contemporary ... [more]

19.09.2013 whistle in the NGW auditorium

The organ was inaugurated on Thursday, September 19, 2013 at 6 p.m. in the NGW auditorium. The organist and cantor Markus Nitt was sick and unfortunately could not play. That's why the ... [more]

17.09.2013First Lego League

For last-minute travelers there is the opportunity to take part in the First Lego League from Thursday (4 p.m. to 6 p.m.). The competition deals with dealing with natural disasters. You can find more information here. [More]

10.09.2013 Club Apollo 13

Houston, we have a problem. With this phrase, the Apollo 13 space mission became famous. Within a very short time, a ground team developed a solution that was able to use the few utensils that were on board the Apollo ... [more]

08.09.2013 Initiative Organ Plus

The Organ Plus initiative of the New Wilhelmshaven High School invites you to the organ inauguration on Thursday, September 19, 2013, 6:00 pm in the auditorium of the New Wilhelmshaven High School. [More]

05.09.2013 "Like at Hempels under the sofa ?!"

It was barely four weeks ago when the students entered the new school (clean and tidy, mind you) for the first time. On almost every wall there are now footprints and dark stripes, which are made by ruthless, ... [more]

08/26/2013 Start of the working groups

As of today, the following working groups will take place in the 2013/2014 school year: ProChem, theater, singing kids, technology, teacher soccer, choir, Pythagoras club, youth research, combo, homepage, soccer. [more]

09.08.2013Over 120 new students at the NGW

More than 120 new students were welcomed today, Friday, in the auditorium of the new grammar school in Wilhelmshaven on Mühlenweg. The "Singing Kids" - students of the current 6th grade, under the direction of ... [more]

08.08.2013 Kick-off for NGW on Mühlenweg

The time has come: The new school year has now been officially ushered in by our headmistress according to the tried and tested tradition - We welcome all students, teachers and non-pedagogical staff to our new location on ... [more]

07.08.2013Welcome to Mühlenweg 63/65

It starts tomorrow: Then a new chapter in the history of the New High School Wilhelmshaven will begin. The first day of school at both locations TOGETHER on Mühlenweg. [more]

01.08.2013We have a new address!

As of today, August 1st, 2013, the new grammar school Wilhelmshaven has a new address. We can be reached as follows: [more]

From 01.08.2013 with a new address

From August 1st, 2013, the New Gymnasium has a new address and a new telephone number: "Make one out of two" - So the NGW can be reached from August 1st, 2013 at: [more]

28.06.2013 Farewell full of optimism

The potted plants are lined up in the stairwell. Small stickers are stuck on the cupboards, even in the office. “The cuckoo is already sticking,” jokes secretary Britta Gerdes. But the new grammar school - location tom-Brok -... [more]

2013Abitur 2013 at NGW

Congratulations to all high school graduates who have passed their first Abitur at the New Gymnasium Wilhelmshaven! Under the chairmanship of senior studies director Anke Steckhan, the first high school diploma of the new ... [more]