Who is the father of weeds

WEEDS (eBook, ePUB)

On a Thursday evening my father was playing skat on his old Windows PC. Then he gets up, fetches his double overhead shotgun with two bullets and takes a torn calendar sheet. On the back he writes "my dear Diana" and loads the gun. It must have been hard to point the rifle in that direction. It is the evening before June 30, 2017 that ends my father's life forever and changes mine forever. In June 2017 my father shot himself. People who are themselves members of suicide have experienced the journey through bewilderment, anger, feelings of guilt and grief, or they may be right in the middle of it. I wrote this book about a journey through myself that I went involuntarily and unprepared for. My experience report is an offer for all those who try to understand what such a suicide means. It is perhaps the only positive one can draw from an experience that is so destructive and painful. I wish that with this book I can be an inspiration, a helper and a silent companion.

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