How do drugs affect your behavior?

warning sign This is how you can tell that your child is using drugs

That's what parents should do

Do not react panicked, excited, or under house arrest. Create a good relationship of trust with your child, do not put them under any pressure. Speak specifically about the changes you are seeing, but don't blame him. Trying out is part of growing up. Instead, offer help and a common solution.

Refrain from snooping around your child's room. That backfires!

Do not forbid socializing with new friends, but ask critically whether binge drinking really has to be hip every weekend. Instead, do something with the family.

Do not trivialize or cover up drug use! Don't write an apology for school or education if the child has a hangover or withdrawal symptoms. It has to go through there and take responsibility for itself.

Seek out a support group if you get stuck on your own. Many other parents there have exactly the same problems. Various associations and organizations offer self-help groups, for example the Kreuzbund, the German Red Cross and the Drugcom.

If the child has been addicted for a long time: Don't force them into therapy, it won't do anything. Your child must WANT withdrawal.