How can I update my Redmi 2

Xiaomi's update trick: Get smartphone updates earlier by changing regions

I've been using Xiaomi smartphones myself for years. I got in with the Mi 6 and over the years plowed my way through daily drivers such as the Mi Mix 2, Mi Note 10 or the Mi 9. I've also been on the road with the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro for some time now, except for one Very satisfied point - Xiaomi's update policy could be better. However, there is at least one little trick that in many cases in Germany scoops up premature updates on the manufacturer's devices.

For example, a few weeks ago I was annoyed that the Mi 10 Pro was badly behind with the security patches and had not yet received an update in 2021. At the moment I have the Mi 11 back in front of me for reporting and it was not my turn to distribute MIUI 12.5. Waiting can make you impatient. In the comments I was made aware that this does not necessarily have to be.

The "trick" that leads to faster updates on Xiaomi smartphones is so simple that it is surprising:

  • Switches to the "Settings" area.
  • Now calls up the “Additional settings” sub-area.
  • Here you go to the "Region" section.
  • Now set to "India".
  • Changes back to the main menu of the settings,
  • Now call up "About the phone".
  • Click on the "MIUI version".
  • Checks for updates here.

For me it has already worked reproducibly on 4 devices: When searching with the set region "Germany", the Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro (here Caschy's test), Mi 11 (here my test), Mi 11 Lite (here my test) and Mi 11 said Ultra (here my test) found no update. The change to the region of India described above conjured up an update. Most recently, this also worked with MIUI 12.5 on the Xiaomi Mi 11.

It is of course possible that the game also works with a region other than India, you are welcome to experiment and give me feedback. A change of language is not necessary for this trick. Of course, you will also receive the EU firmware despite the change of region. After the update search, you can also reset your region directly.

The only thing you have to take into account: If the region is set to India, some hidden apps pop up that don't exist in Europe - such as Mi Pay and Mi Credit. As soon as you switch back to Germany, however, they are immediately hidden again.

So if you have a Xiaomi smartphone and have not received any updates for a long time or are waiting for a new update that has not yet arrived - just switch the region and be surprised!

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