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Tor Browser Package - Surf the web anonymously

The Tor Browser 10.0.16 is the easiest way to surf the web while using the anonymization options of the Tor anonymization network. If a few basic rules are followed, this path offers a high level of security.
Tor Browser on Windows
After installing and starting the Tor Browser, the Tor module of the software automatically connects to the secure network. The entire data traffic of the connected browser - a specially configured Firefox is used here - is then passed through anonymously.

This is done in that the data packets are not brought directly to their destination, but are first routed through a series of random nodes in the worldwide Tor network. Only then are they transferred back to the actual Internet at any point. At the destination, it is therefore not possible to determine where the user comes from.

This not only has the advantage that the user remains anonymous himself. This also opens up a way for users in Germany to access YouTube videos that are actually blocked for local IP addresses. However, this is only a side effect. The package is actually supposed to allow users to communicate unobserved by companies or states and to have free access to sensitive information.

Use the gate with care

However, there are a few things to consider here. When it comes to disguising their own identity when using Tor, the user should of course not log into accounts that are otherwise accessed in the normal way. Of course, logging into your own Facebook or Google account negates the tool's efforts. With the Tor Browser, some more detailed information is provided on how protection can be guaranteed. These can be displayed upon request after starting the software.

Users should also be aware that many Tor nodes are provided by private volunteers. These are usually not connected with excessively high bandwidths. Therefore, you should refrain from causing excessive data traffic - such as through large downloads - if this is not necessary. The user himself also feels this to the effect that websites are not loaded as quickly as usual. If you also want to secure other Internet connections than just the web, you can find additional tools on the Tor-Project website.

Conclusion: The Tor Browser is now a very easy-to-use tool to largely guarantee your own anonymity on the web. It should be used with caution, but has great benefits in a variety of situations.

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