What if Voldemort never killed

Voldemort's victim

Voldemort has killed or tortured many people in the course of the Harry Potter books. More often than not, he has hired his Death Eaters to do this dirty work for him.

The following lists the people he is known to have murdered with his own hands or had killed in his presence (the latter are with "*" marked).

Voldemort's murders

as Tom Riddle

Even during his school days, Tom Riddle, who later called himself "Lord Voldemort", committed several murders without being discovered:

During the 1st reign of terror

Just before and after his rebirth

During the 2nd reign of terror

Horcrux murders

Voldemort's Horcruxes are, according to a live chat with J.K. Rowling was created on July 30, 2007 by the following murders:

  1. The diary of the murder of the Maulenden Myrtle (1942/43);
  2. The Gaunts' gold ring from the murder of Tom Riddle sr. (Summer 1944);
  3. Hufflepuff's drinking cup from the murder of Hepzibah Smith; (Late 1940s)
  4. Slytherin's locket from the murder of a Muggle tramp; (Late 1940s)
  5. Ravenclaw's diadem from the murder of an Albanian peasant; (Late 50s?)
  6. Nagini through the murder of Bertha Jorkins (early summer 1994).


Voldemort's seventh - accidentally created - Horcrux, namely Harry Potter himself, came about through the murders of Harry's parents, James and Lily Potter, which Voldemort himself had not planned as Horcrux murders.
The eighth part of his mangled soul was still inside Voldemort himself.