What causes stage fright to pee

Fear of urinating - causes and treatment of paruresis

The fear of urination is easy to treat as its causes are purely psychological! The psychological muscular tension is the real problem. This cramping of the bladder muscles is caused by psychological factors such as (expectation) fear and feelings of shame.

I have 3 self-help tips for your pee inhibition:

First: you will learn to no longer regard not being able to pee in front of others as a disgrace and disaster.

The more you find not-peeing-in-front of others embarrassing and shameful, the more you are afraid of being smiled at or laughed at by others because of your problem, the greater your fear and the more difficult it is for you to get water allow.

What's so bad about having this problem? What is wrong with it when others notice that you are taking longer to empty your bladder? Is that why you are not a real man? Are you only a real man when you can pee in rank and file with others in a carefree pee? I hope not. I hope you have more to offer.

Secondly: you will learn to overcome the psychological physical cramping caused by a negative experience in your childhood or puberty, which makes urination difficult or impossible.

In general, it's about: You have to learn to pee mentally and physically in a more relaxed and relaxed manner. You probably already know that. Relaxing or mentally distracting yourself before or during peeing by thinking of something nice or quietly humming a song can make it easier for you to water in front of others.

It helps some people if they hold their breath and / or mentally count from 20 to 1 while peeing. Why? Because they are distracted by holding their breath or counting. Just try it out. Therefore, people who are drunk usually have no problems peeing.

Third: learn a relaxation process like Jacobson's progressive muscle relaxation. This will help you be more relaxed when urinating.