Is Saudi Arabia an authoritarian country?

Authoritarian system

A country that does not meet minimum democratic standards (democracy) is called an authoritarian country, the system of government in this country is an authoritarian system. Authoritarian systems were communist (e.g. Yugoslavia under Tito from 1945-1980) and fascist states (e.g. Italy under Mussolini from 1922–1943, Austria from 1933–1938 or Spain under Franco 1939-1975). Even today there are still many authoritarian systems, e.g. in Cuba, China, Saudi Arabia or Libya.
In authoritarian systems, the state does not control all areas of society, but there are certain, if only very small, freedoms for citizens or for certain institutions (e.g. freedom of travel in Titoist Yugoslavia or special regulations for the Catholic Church in Fascist Italy). Like totalitarian systems (totalitarianism), authoritarian systems also exert terror, suppress political opponents and use violent measures in order to survive.

There are people who only allow their own opinion.
That's called authoritarian.
Governments can be like that too.
Then authoritarian means that only parties with the same opinion are allowed.
Citizens are not allowed to have a say in politics.
In addition, the media are not allowed to write anything critical about the government.
You are not allowed to write about what does not fit.
For example, a dictatorship rules in an authoritarian manner.
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