How can I sand down metal

Grinding metal

The spiral cutting edges of a metal drill can be sharpened again and again. If you don't want to use drill sharpeners, you can do this freehand with a little practice and talent. It is important that the so-called tip angle is strictly adhered to - normally 118 degrees.

With a high-grade corundum grindstone you can grind z. B. HSS drills, while silicon carbide or diamond whetstones are ideal for perfectly sharpening hard metal tools such as Widia drills, but also milling cutters, turning tools, indexable inserts as well as chisels, turning chisels or garden tools.

Instructions for manual drill grinding on the grinding wheel:

  1. It is advisable to use the finger like a pivot bearing (for right-handed people, place the drill in the front joints of the left middle and index finger and fix the drill with the thumb.
  2. Guide the drill shaft (grasp the drill shaft with the thumb, middle and forefinger of your right hand and touch the grinding wheel.)
  3. Now carefully press the drill down while carefully pressing the drill shaft down and grind.
  4. Turn the drill back and forth. Then turn the drill 180 degrees and guide it back to the grinding wheel as before.
  5. Grind all cutting edges. In order to have sharpened all cutting edges, apply the drill two to four times.

Metal grinding in wages: Those who do not want to lend a hand themselves can fall back on the market sufficiently in grinding and polishing specialist workshops, locksmiths, tool makers, welding companies, metal construction companies with belt sanders and hand-held sanders. The labor costs are around 50 EUR / hour, the machine hour for stationary machines around 150 EUR / hour.