What is k lab


K.LAB is the innovation partner of the energy industry.
Goal oriented. Partnership. Innovative.

We work precisely for and with our customers on the innovations that bring the decisive (competitive) advantage for the future. With agile methods and the bundled know-how of K.LAB, the K.GROUP and our partners.

K.LAB was founded as a start-up together with customers of the K.GROUP because the need for innovations in all areas of the energy industry is increasing. We develop new business models, products and services tailored to the needs of our partners. The aim is to build future added value for our partners and to develop new revenue / earnings potential.

With modern and proven innovation methods such as Design Thinking, Agile Development, Business Design with the Value Proposition and Business Model Canvas, we ensure that the solutions of our partners still fit exactly when they are ready for the market. Our ideas are pre-qualified in close cooperation with universities, research institutions and partner companies. This is followed by a quick check on the market, the development approval by the innovation board and the final go.

+ Cashcows versus New Stars

We know from experience that success only arises where well-running, proven products (cash cows) are optimized and precisely those new developments that meet the needs of the end customer are identified. In order to enable real innovations, we scan new technologies, think together with our customers about new sales channels and determine automation options (invoicing, customer service, etc.).

+ Why K.LAB?
  • K.LAB differs significantly from the competition.
  • We are independent of corporations and suppliers. The rights of use to the innovative products, services and business areas belong to our partners (no white label approach)
  • Change processes in the partner companies are stimulated, stimulated and driven by K.LAB and K.GROUP, but not taken over.
  • We act. Work with us in a small group of entrepreneurial decision-makers. We take into account your specific starting position and the desired development goal.
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