What is Microsoft Azure Quantum

Azure Quantum: Customers can test Microsoft's quantum computers for free

Microsoft is making its own quantum computing service available in the cloud as a public preview version. With Azure Quantum, customers can access the entire ecosystem and receive, among other things, access to documentation and tutorials on the Microsoft Learn platform.

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  2. DUAL Deutschland GmbH, Cologne

To get you started, Microsoft provides step-by-step instructions and an introductory guide to quantum computing. For example, a specially developed Quantum Development Kit is required, which can be integrated into the development environment favored by the customer. The documentation is available in several languages, including German.

The SDK provides various interfaces and methods. Quantum programs are developed in the Q # programming language specially designed by Microsoft. This is necessary because qubits behave differently than conventional bits - in that quantum states are measured in an ion that has cooled down to almost 0 degrees Kelvin.

Azure account required

An Azure account is also required to use the cloud resources. For test purposes, Microsoft provides trial accounts that can be charged with a maximum of US $ 200 in Azure credits. The trial period is valid for 12 months and also includes various free products with unlimited usage.

  1. Microsoft 365 Security Workshop
    9-11 June 2021, online
  2. OpenShift installation & administration
    14.-16. June 2021, online
Further IT training

Along with Intel, Google and IBM, Microsoft is one of the few companies that currently offers quantum computing resources in the cloud. The technology can help, for example, to calculate complex physical and chemical simulations that would require enormous capacities of conventional bit-based computers. Currently, however, quantum computing is still more experimental and is only used by a few institutions in the world. Microsoft Quantum could be a step in changing that.