Has anyone converted from Islam to Hinduism

Conversion: change of religion

Like the article published in the Kirchenbote in February 2007 "CHF 10,000 for conversion" shows, the topic of conversion, i.e. the change from the traditional to another religion, is still an issue.


Although the book published by INFOREL «BEGINNING to new shores. 27 people report on how they found their new spiritual path. », Which was published in 1997, has not lost any of its topicality.


Meanwhile there is also the re-conversion, i.e. the return to the traditional religion.


In loose succession we provide links to articles that deal with this topic.



Muslims become Christians. "I wept while Abraham was talking about his faith" (Livenet.ch; Miriam Hinrichs) (12.3.2011)

When Muslims convert to Christianity, they risk their lives. The moving life story of Abdul (name changed) from Bangladesh.


"Enlighten instead of cover up!"

Via the Central Council of Ex-Muslims


Muslims secretly convert (02/26/2006)

When Christians convert to Islam, they are mostly open to their new faith. But Muslims who become Christians hide their conversion - the Sharia provides for the death penalty for apostates.


Allah was very far away for me


"As a Muslim, I was a servant of God, not his child" (4/4/2006)

Andrea Siebert * knows the meaning of her words. She speaks the Arabic text carefully in front of the Muslims present: "I testify that there is no god but Allah and that Mohammed is the Messenger of Allah." This made her a Muslim under Islamic law. Reversal impossible. The German is passionate about her new religion, marries a Muslim, has children whom she brings up Islamic. But doubts gnaw at her again and again.


Officer convicted of belief

(Iran: Converted from Islam to Christianity)




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