How all teachers keep calm

More serenity in everyday school life

Many of your recommendations encourage you to be lenient with the students, to give them more freedom: You advise to see the positive in mistakes that have been made several times. They encourage students to incorporate non-graded phases into the classroom. Isn't that much too nice - in view of the tough, performance-oriented reality that students can expect in their professional lives at the latest?

Heidemarie brooch: I'm not in favor of cuddle education, but also for rules to be adhered to and for the material to be learned. But just because later life is so hard doesn't mean it has to be like this at school. Our students are the generation that will shape our future society. And at school I can do a lot to ensure that a different culture develops in the future. Nuances can make a difference: If I point out mistakes to a student, I don't have to be disparaging. Recognition is a basic need, and it is very important to me to convey to the students that they - regardless of their performance - are worth something, for themselves and for others. And it brings more serenity into everyday school life, for me and the students.

It is often particularly difficult for many teachers to remain calm when working with parents. You say, especially in delicate conversations, it is good to bring a colleague to the table who has more distance but can also provide support. What role can cooperation with teacher colleagues play in general in order to bring more serenity into everyday school life?

Heidemarie brooch: A very important role! When teachers support each other, it is worth a lot. If you bring new ideas into a "deadlocked college" and most of them roll their eyes, fool around because they fear extra work, or believe that it won't do anything anyway, then it's terribly frustrating. But when I find a few like-minded people with whom I can make a difference instead of acting as a lone warrior, it's worth gold.

But I don't think much of wanting to get along with the entire staff brilliantly. That doesn't work and I myself only keep a friendly distance from colleagues who drag me down with their negative mood. But I think it's very important to build good relationships with colleagues who are on the same wavelength.