Smartphones should be banned

Smartphones should be banned for people under 21

Democratic Senator John Rodgers of the US state of Vermont has introduced a law that bans the use of smartphones by minors under the age of 21. The PC world was the first to report on this in Germany.

People below this age limit are not sensible enough to use the devices. Rodgers justifies this legislative initiative not with smartphone addiction but with risks in road traffic. People under the age of 21 who drive cars would be excessively involved in road accidents involving smartphones.

In addition, there have been minors in the past who sowed hatred on their smartphones or bullied other people, the Senator said to justify his law.

The draft provides for harsh penalties for those who still entrust minors with a smartphone.

Hardly realistic and close to satire

How realistic this plan is can be doubted. First of all, it should be defined what smartphone use actually means - is this only about functions that are related to the Internet or is it also about pure telephony and SMS functions? If a law is passed, then it also has to be controllable and, except in public, it would be almost impossible to find wrongdoers.

In the meantime, even the senator has admitted that his proposal has no chance. Whether he wants to row back from a nonsensical project or really, as he announced, wants to advertise stricter gun laws, is an open question.

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