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Chris Kelsey is young, rich - even though he dropped out of school. Now he plans to become the youngest billionaire in the world. These are his five maxims.

He was kicked out of school at the age of 17 - but that didn't stop Chris Kelsey from making his first million just two years later: But the young entrepreneur doesn't want to rest on that. Instead, he plans to get even richer. His goal: to become the youngest self-made billionaire in the world.

"30 under 30": 21-year-olds belong to the Olympus of the super-rich

And he is well on his way there: After all, he has not only been elected to the list of 30 millionaires under 30 by the US business magazine Forbes, but has also founded a new company called Cazza and launched his own cryptocurrency.

Now the 21-year-old reveals his five secrets to the British Mirror, how you too can do it.

Tip number 1: put an end to negative people

Kelsey is a firm believer in putting people out of your life who are just draining your energy. "On the road to success, you will encounter failures," he explains. "But I define a failure as someone who picks you up when you are successful. There will always be someone who criticizes you, whether you do the right thing or not. That's why you should do it even more if you know how to do it properly."

Conversely, this means specifically: not listen to people who are not well disposed towards you. "The only way to get rich is by chasing your dreams," concludes Kelsey.

Tip number 2: don't take rich people as role models

Please, dont't try that! Just doing something because someone else did it and got rich with it, or even mimicking her, that doesn't work, says the 21-year-old. Instead, even rich people usually have only one goal: to make even more money. Since these already enjoy a good reputation, however, it is more difficult to counteract them as a small fish. Therefore, it is not a good idea to use this as a yardstick.

Another argument against the rich role models, according to Kelsey, is that, Just because a person has become rich doesn't mean that he knows how business really works.

Tip number 3: don't listen to liars who are trying to sabotage you

"If you have a great life story, there will always be people who claim that you are lying - even if you don't," explains the millionaire. "People sometimes twist what I say and use it to fit their own concept. Their bad luck," Kelsey said. Therefore you shouldn't let the words turn around in your mouthbecause there are always calculating people who only pursue their own goals.

Tip number 4: be true to yourself

A white lie is allowed - if it is necessary. The young entrepreneur is convinced of that. But You should always be absolutely honest with yourself. "People will tell you what to do in life. But remember that you don't necessarily take such advice at face value. Don't lie to yourself!" Warns Kelsey.

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"Everyone comes to a point in life where you've lied to someone else about money, no matter how small the amount ended up being. I've done it when I've been desperate and I'm not ashamed to admit it. Because I am honest with myself. "

Tip number 5: don't worry about the "competition"

No two things are alike - especially when multiple people are involved. Therefore, one should always look to oneself first, according to Kelsey. "You can compare your own business with others and find that they are more profitable than your own, but that does not mean that they are also better," emphasizes the self-made millionaire.

So he has already seen companies that Seemed to make more money at first glance - but in the end they also had more problems. "People will always try to scare you off as a competitor. They issue press releases that get more exposure than your company," he added. "They could recruit their own employees and try to lose their reputation. When they do that, you always have to remember that they only do it because they fear you and that they don't want you to be better than them. "But you shouldn't care," because if you want to win, you win too, "concludes Kelsey.

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