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The Donut initiative

"Deutsche Wohnen and

Expropriate Co ”has on

Friday a first partial success

achieved. The organizers have

at the Senate Administration

handed over 77,000 signatures.

This is a hurdle on the

Way to the referendum for the socialization

of real estate groups

taken. 20,000 signatures

would have been necessary.

“That we have so many signatures

could collect in such a short time

shows how frustrated the Donut above

the profiteering of real estate companies

are ", said Jenny Stupka,

Spokeswoman for the initiative. "That is a

strong sign of change in the

Ownership ", added

her colleague Rouzbeh Taheri.

The Senate Administration will

now the legality of the signatures

check. With this amount

but it is very likely that

the required 20,000 signatures

can be achieved.

Then the internal administration

the referendum is legal

evaluate. It should be waved through in the end

become – something political and

is also legally controversial - would

the Donut again for signature

asked. For the referendum

would need seven percent of the

Sign the electorate:

around 175,000 people. For the

then the following referendum

a simple majority would be enough,

however, 25 percent of all must

Eligible voters at all

to participate in it.

But a successful one itself

Referendum would not guarantee

that the Senate is committed to it

would hold. So has the red-red-green

State government last year

The will of the people ignored

Tegel Airport regardless of the

To keep the opening of BER open.

In the expropriation debate is

also within the Donut coalition

the pressure on the SPD interior senator

Andreas Geisel set up,

not to delay the proceedings.

The left has clearly been in favor of expropriation

pronounced. SPD and

Greens show sympathy for that

Plan, but consider it a

Tool among many of a policy,

that of rampant rent increases


Nevertheless, the green urban development politician speaks


Schmidberger in view of the signature handover

from a “clear

Order to Red-Red-Green ”. The

Senate must cooperate with the initiative

work out a law. also

should not the procedure

be slowed down, “by the

Referendum before the state constitutional court

is dragged ", so

Schmidberger. Actually, he becomes a hostage

to go to court in the Senate

hardly find a majority.

Criticism persists

The Donut FDP parliamentary group leader Sebastian

Czaja was also on Friday

to the place of handing over the signature

come to protest.

Czaja considers expropriation a thing

wrong instrument of rent policy,

he spoke of "arbitrariness" and one

"Massive confrontation".

There are also from other places

Criticism. The Berlin-Brandenburg Association

Housing company

(BBU) not only keeps the project

for not constitutional, but

also for too expensive. The amount of compensation

will be on 18 to 37

Billions of euros estimated. also

do not result in one

Apartment new, although this is urgent

is required. “Those who suffer

would be given the many

then investments that can no longer be financed

to town everyone Donut“,

says BBU board member MarenKern.

TheDonut Expropriation initiative

mentioned Chancellor Angela

Merkel (CDU) on the German

Merkel is against

the rent cover

While in Berlin the

Almost 80,000 expropriation initiative

Hands over signatures to the Senate,

shows the Chancellor at

Tenants' association in Cologne very skeptical

against government intervention

By Elmar Schütze

Handing over of the signatures to representatives of the administration.


Tenants' day in Cologne not explicitly on Friday

only changes if

Apartments are being built, “said

you. The appearance and speech of the

Were Chancellor on rent policy

been eagerly awaited.

The Chancellor reaffirmed her commitment to this

Total legislative period

five billion euros for social

Housing available

to deliver. Along with the expenses

for child benefit,

Housing benefit and urban development subsidies

it should even be 13 billion euros

be. Merkel admonished the countries that

for social housing

provided money actually

to use for it. The problem

is so big, “that really every euro

also issued in this area

must become".

Berlin receives dragoon area

Merkel expressed herself skeptically

Demands for a rent cap.

It is true to be right to usury

meet, but “we also have to

create a climate in which people like to build

will, "she said." It has to go on

be interesting and attractive in

To invest in living space. "

If they also rent cover and

Rejects expropriations, advocated

Merkel but regulatory

Measures to provide information

and to create

Rent index for more transparency

enforce in case of rent increases.

In her speech she also referred to

the already decided clear

Increase in housing benefit by around

30 percent. This is “a groundbreaking one

Change ", especially since the housing benefit

in future automatically analogous to

Development of the cost of living

should increase. Urgent

Programs are also necessary

for energetic building renovation.

The government is still here

make one attempt.

The rent cover could be bundled

to the next problem topic of

grand coalition. Not because

the Donut Senate such a lid,

limited to the next five

Years, wants to hang up as early as 2020. Rather,

because apparently the federal

SPD accepts the issue. At least

has transitional party leader Thorsten

Schäfer-Gümbel the demand

raised that a rent cap after all

should be introduced nationwide.

“We need the rent cap

for all of Germany, ”he said

Daily mirror. “We'll be Indian

Address the coalition in the next few days

and make it a topic. "

The aim is to keep rents in demand

Residential areas for five years

to freeze largely. Speak that

Donut Model.

The lid is about one

A respite in the rental market, stressed

Shepherd Gümbel. “We win with it

Time to build, build and

to build again ”; there you are

agree with Merkel again. Man

will "build new districts and

have to look for ways at the same time,

how we get work back in the country

so that people at all

don't get in the situation

To have to move metropolitan areas ".

The tenants' association can also get one

Imagine rent cover.

For the Donut Housing market

is a good decision on Friday

like. Belongs to the country

again the Dragoon area in Kreuzberg.

In the Finance Committee of the Federal Council

has the property swap

with the federal government the

last hurdle cleared. The Bund

gets several properties,

on which already federal institutions

stand, such as the Jewish

Museum. The country receives in

In return, the filet property on

Mehringdamm. Already on Monday

then wants Senator for Urban Development KatrinLompscher

(Left) show

what is possible on the surface, up to

500 apartments are to be built there

can. (with AFP)

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2 Donutnewspaper Number 136 1 5./16. June 2019



In the maze

The first video on YouTube

uploaded takes eighteen

Seconds, plays in the zoo of

SanDiego and carries the only logical one

Title: "Me atthe zoo". It's April 23rd

2005, JawedKarim, 26 years old, the co-founder

the platform says: “The cool thing about elephants

is that they really, really, really long

Have a trunk, that's cool. And that is too

already everything there is to say. ”Including the

first comment on YouTube: "Interesting ..."

In over fourteen years there were 70.5 million

Views. What should you say? Interesting, isn't it?

It started with cool elephants, then has

the world changes. Slowly at first, then always

more quickly. YouTube is the second largest

Search engine worldwide, number three in

most visits to Google and Facebook.

There are 1.9 billion monthly active users,

in 91 countries, in 80 languages. Every day

watched over a billion hours of video.

400 hours are added every minute.

Help with the conversion? Coming.

YouTube has become the new television

just different, very different, colorful, shriller, funnier, for

the right one for every niche taste

Video. In the mood for a tingling sensation from the head

the neck and maybe a little more

continues to hike? Then please ASMR in the search mask


NAIL ASMR ”. A little tip: headphones, please

use to enjoy the sound,

if about excessively long fingernails

be polished and a bewitching voice

Trivialities whisper.

The video world is also intrusive and

seductive, which is not just for taste buds

irritates, but also worried parents, consumption enemies,

Professional politician alarmed. "Is you-

Tube dangerous? “Asks The Emmy in

their video of the same name, which runs until Friday evening

83 had 192 views. Slight all-clear:

Not only Emmy differentiates between

YouTube and "real life".

The result is a place where the right to

Education, entertainment, sprinkling with the

Right to indignation is linked - at all best

Fall becomes a duty of commitment.

Our planet has to be saved.

I used two working days for nothing

to do other than watch videos. I want here

explain YouTube now? No I can not.

Especially not at almost forty. What I want: to describe,

what i saw tell how

I from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change discussion

came what the official CDU channel with a

Giant teddy has something to do, why a dachshund doesn't have one

Can keep penalties and like the girl

means that she can sing as beautifully as Édith Piaf.

Switch on now.

YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world

and like television - just different, completely different.

There are over a billion hours of video every day

viewed. Can you explain that? No.

But you can get lost in it. An experiment

Nails that are excessively long: "ULTRA TINGLYXXXL NAIL ASMR" or that pleasant tingling sensation in the neck.

Video premiere on YouTube: “Me at the zoo” or the art of saying everything and nothing.

How do you drive a Ferrari? We can make a video

see because electromagnetic rays

absorbed by proteins on our retina

become. We can hear voices because

Sound waves to air molecules in our vicinity

and push it here. That would have come from me

can if i have a passion for science

as well as MaiThi

Nguyen-Kim, for it is her words, her knowledge

shares them on YouTube.

The channel is called maiLab, and in the introduction video

"Love letter to science"

she says: "The body is a chemistry laboratory." And:

that in every cubic meter of air 27 quadrillion

Gas molecules whiz around at speeds

of over 1000 km / h on our skin

patter, anytime.

405,835 subscribers want to know more.

More on whether cell phone radiation causes cancer, vegans

save the environment or rezos-destructive

Rage against the CDU (SPD, AfD)

withstands a scientific test.

Spoiler alert: Almost everything is correct. In this video

Eckhardvon Hirschhausen appears, doctor, cabaret artist,

telegenic world explorer. Mai Thi Nguyen-

Kim is: 31, a chemist, successor to

RangaYogeshwar at WDR magazine "Quarks"

–Of course, YouTuberin.

From Paul Linke

The joint appearance has 1.8 million

Calls. The comments read: “Finally

Youtube starts to make sense ”,“ What a

Nonsense ”,“ Dear May, to a scientific one

Working is not just about headings

read from articles and blind authorities

or to trust experts (...) - follows a

Link to the channel of Jasminity777, which says: “May

works superficially ”, she appeals“ strongly

the feelings of the audience and disproportionate

little of the mind ”, it relates“ to itself

often to the IPCC and questions this in

in no way critical. ”Views: 23 279.

The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate

Change, in short: IPCC, called Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, is

an institution that reflects the state of research

and passed on to politics in an abbreviated form.

According to Mai Thi Nguyen-Kim a “concentrated, reliable

Competence and definitely in terms of climate

the experts to whom we and politicians should listen ”.

What now? What is right and

what wrong? Who's right: the “science journalist

of the year ”or a 23 year old

Math student at her video premiere?

Welcome to YouTube, where there are many answers

there and more questions. Where parties

destroyed and new old authorities dissolved,

new ones are already being softened again. Where everyone

justify, doubt, climate change

may deny. Where facts and fakes in one

Row stand as if they were equal, a matter of interpretation.

That can't be, he says

Common sense. That's okay, says an algorithm that

Can filter out pornography or violence,

but does not have a tool that can

Determines the truth content of a video.

Welcome to a labyrinthine video archive by

you can linger and yourself

must lose at some point. A maze of

Masters and Amateurs.

The algorithm is a universe of its own:

infinite expanses, we know too little about it;

Experts speak of algoversum. What

we know: One rules over YouTube

constantly changing recommendation algorithm whose

the most important task is the user

to stay on the platform as long as possible.

The easiest way to do this is through emotions. Yes,

Cat videos can be cute. But what am I supposed to do

next feel what is suitable for me?

The algorithm decides, and how? WhatData

as far as, it is said, should YouTube be a Ferrari,

that nobody can drive properly.

Videos are recommended to us most often

with the best watch time

Views: How often is a video watched?

View Duration: How long does someone watch?

Or upload frequency: How many videos is uploading

someone up? Principle: a lot helps a lot. Say too

Parents when their children get lost again

looking for a solution in math.

Multiply without calculating? Both curve discussion

is often the end, nothing helps anymore,

mothers and fathers cannot join the discussion.

When I was in high school with intersections

came home with asymptotes and zeros

in the head plus the order, some behavior

to check at infinity were too

my parents necessary and sufficiently overwhelmed.

I am suddenly alone.

There was no YouTube, no channel like simpleclub,

in which Niko and Alex have their 769 396

Subscribers in determining the zeros

help to offer an app that is personal

Curriculum developed. Motto: # A student.

Tonality: “This is Jan. Jan has at all

no idea about curve discussions. "Comment:" Miteuren

Videos are simply saving generations

from students !!! ”Question: Why complain

then so many high school graduates over serious

Math exams, where two thirds of these

Generation say that YouTube is at knowledge transfer

and topic preparation advantages

has opposite the school? Is in a study

of the Council for Cultural Education.

There was also no teacher Schmidt who was with

YouTube does what my math teacher doesn't

wanted to do: reveal how to multiply faster

Donutnewspaper Number 136 1 5./16. June 2019 3





adorns. As if it were David Copperfield's trick

and a man at the blackboard on a code of wizarding honor


Teacher Schmidt has no problem with

To divulge secrets. Video title: "GE-

HOME!!! Multiply - the teacher variant ",

587 060 views. My comment: So simple

is this? With this in mind, a recommendation

especially for elementary school students: “Multiply

WITHOUT calculating ”, 165,658 views.

You have to see it yourself. Okay, mini spoiler: graphically,

with lines. Comment: “Why

don't I have her as a teacher? "

KaiSchmidt, like him in his analogue life

means, is rector in Lower Saxony and

had the school server with explanatory videos for so long

flooded until it was full. Then switched

he to YouTube. Video comment: "Am 30

Years old and I have forgotten many arithmetic methods

:( I say thank you for your help."

My father is 62. I would give him a link

send if he had a smartphone, at least

an email address

next home visit: “Smartphone for

Seniors (episode 1): unpacking (new German:

unboxing) ”, 8505 calls.

How do you react correctly? The increase of

Unboxing is haul, a video by adding shopping bags

be unpacked. Next to the

The content of the bag is important to the shopping experience;

only product placements are more important

The video is a particularly successful example:

“Gigantic XXL SHOPPING HAUL & seeeehr

crass info ..: O "on BibisBeautyPalace,

2.2 million views. Comments: "Where to get

get the sweater over there where Victoria

it says? "," Do you have a discount for the broken one

Got pants? "

The canal belongs to Bianca Claßen, by now

26 again, she runs a public one

Life alongside Julian Claßen

aka Julienco, 26, they reach out together

5.6 +3.8 million subscribers. To entertain

this is a full-time job. Yes, you deserve

Make money with videos.YouTube is a career option.YouTuber

a career aspiration.

A few months ago Bibi and Julian did

Taken a ten day video break, Lio

came into the world. And who doesn't know it

gave this boy name only 72 times before

in Germany, he just knows now.

They talk about that and much more

happy parents in their videos.1.6 million

Views has "surprise box for Lio -

What's in it? ", Only 1.3 million" I have Lio

Bought the largest TEDDY in the world ”- Mega spoiler: four

For Lio, the bear's paw seems

to be a stand-up aid. Comments:

"Super cute what you do for Lio, you are

really a sweet family ”,“ It's almost a

Family blog with smuggling advertising ",

“Can you also use more plastic?

It doesn't have to be. "

What must be on YouTube:

react, react, i.e. a video with one

Answer video. Actually also knew

the CDU, Philipp Amthor was already on the set,

then General Secretary Paul Ziemiak said:

“We don't want a video battle.” Promise

given, another promise broken

–And missed a chance.

The cdutv channel would have had a reaction

namely well done. The number of visitors is currently available

at 9.5 million - accumulated in just under eleven

Years. Bibi and Julian made it to five


Since YouTube came to an agreement with Gema

has - as a reminder: “This video is in

Germany not available ”- are music clips

the greatest clickbringer. The latino

Dance-Schnulze "Despacito" comes to 6.3

Billions of views: world record. world population

only 1.4 billion away.

Pushed the CDU channel up

the video contribution “Coalition Agreement: Helge

Braun on digitization "in February 2018 -

642 views. The one month later for

Head of the Federal Chancellery unsupported

Braun said: "In this legislative period, we want

and that is the multiple amount compared to

the last, up to twelve in total

Billions of euros in public money and certainly

again five times the amount of private money

Mobilize money so we can use fiber optics

really in all regions, in all communities

and best to lay it by the house. ”That sounds like it

Politician language. His promise: “2025

let's be done with it. ”After all, there is

eight comments. The one with the most

Encouragement - three thumbs up - starts with

the question: “What have you had for the last 12 years

done? ”This is what Real Talk sounds like.

Bibi and Julian are currently on the “relationship check

from Bibisbeautypalace and

Julienco - I'm analyzing the YouTube couple! "

responds. Both are sitting on a couch

and film yourself doing a video

watch; in the split screen a therapist who

says: “Without knowing her, I'm leaving

The CDU channel has 9.5

Millions of hits - accumulated

in eleven years. Bibi

and Julian did it

on five afternoons.

from the fact that the two also have difficulties

, especially in their relationship. "

Julian: “We really don't have any

serious problems. "Advertising, advertising text:

“My route in real time with your loved ones

share so that they always know where you are. "

Again Julian: “Real Talk: When we meet

argue, then about superfluous things. "

Bibi adds: “Of course we fight

sometimes, sniff at us and

avoid us for half an hour

and don't feel like each other. ”Here

comes another cut.

Ask me: Do I want to find out moreor

prefer the relationship therapist's channel

subscribe to? His advertising promise:

“Get my audio book for FREE

The secret of a fulfilling relationship ”.

First audio sample: “There is no better relationship tip

as a pinch of humor. "

Anyone can always broadcast on YouTube. It

there is no closing date, no program director, no

Quality assurance. Was it, of course

gives: “The most beautiful railway lines

Germany ”, a broadcast from the

Night program of the ARD, which was discontinued in 2013

From Leipzig to Saalein27 minutes -

18,070 train travelers were at least brief

with it. Recommendation for those who are nostalgic about the end of the broadcast:

“Fireplace hd –10 hours relaxing

Kamin ”, 3.8 million views.

What is the name of Elvis' brother? Relaxed enough?

Then action! Which always happens on YouTube

draws, are TopLists. And off we go: "10 animals,

recently discovered ”, 0.6 million

Views, number one: Squalus Clarkae,

a dog shark with huge eyes. The

good news: "This shark is way too small,

to eat people. "

Inevitable: “17 funny penalties im

Football ”, 1.2 million views; at a

Shot appears a dachshund in the penalty area.

If dachshunds had the attentive eyes of one

Dog sharks, if the ball had gone in.

Also good: “19 simple psychological

Tricks that actually work ”, 2.6 million

Views, remember: “If you want that

someone feels uncomfortable, look at them

Forehead. The people feel under observation

can't relax. ”Who now

thinks what I thought, "Does a dog get aggressive when I do

see him in the eyes? ”has so far

3219 views. Comment: "My little one

Husky male (was about 3 months old) got me

snarling when I got up for a long time

looked at him. And that with a smile

on the face (...) "

Or: “33 things you've done your whole life

did wrong and didn't even know ",

1.4 million views, my learnings:

How do you break the chocolate croissants of a Tobleron correctly

from; how to put two round slices of ham

precisely fitting on a rectangular one

Slice of bread; and what do i do when i

want to fill a hole in the wall, but

don't have any filler at the moment?

10, 17, 19, 33 - what is missing? “The 105 best

WhatsApp CHATS of the MONTH! ”, 1.3 million

Views, 36 minutes and 11 seconds -

unfortunately not funny.

What I can't laugh at?

Flat jokes, preferably as a challenge like in the

Bullshit TV classic, four years, so one

Forever ago. The rules: Have a drink

Can't keep water in mouth from laughing,

has lost - the winner is wet. Just

fair: After several rounds, both must

Players swap clothes. Ready? "What

do you do with a dog without legs? Around

the houses are pulling. ”Another:“ What does he say?

big pen to small pen? Crayon. "

And my absolute favorite: “What's his name

Brother of Elvis? Zwölvis. "

Went one in the past few weeks

Watched a few videos from Rezo, who rewarded

the algorithm with further Rezo videos.Sobin

I at "Be quiet & constant laugh flash"

landed, with YouTuber Julien

Bamund Joey’s Jungle. Your favorite activity:

the challenge, the main thing is competition.

This is the sequel to Jack Ass,

Stefan Raab, Joko and Klaas, only with faster cuts.

In one word: nonsense.

The winner is determined in a quiet-one-

Energydose-Open what Rezo with 94 decibels

succeed; so he is the loudest one gets

a clamp. Before, in between, after:

Laugh flash. This is followed by biting-a-carrot,

Quietly opening a bag of chips, quietly lighting a match

- the principle is

clear: nonsense, laugh flash, bell, just for now

1.4 million views. Comment: "Bravo,

this video is really kindergarten level!

;)) "If we had recorded the drinking games back then,

maybe choose a star.

I say goodbye first

from constant consumption on YouTube, constantly

Quadrillion gas molecules whiz around

and at speeds of over 1000

km / h to funny, smart, crazy, politicizing

and meet polarizing people.

On pranksters, conspirators and preachers for

some good thing or just really

cool elephant trunk.

Sometimes nothing happens. Or it

a mild gas molecular wind blows. And

sometimes it turns into a storm

Chloe Moriondo and her children's room interpretation

from “La vie en rose”, 10.5 million

Views. It's worth it, I promise.

Paul Linke

of course also has old consequences of

Alf and MacGyver watched.

Recommended especially for elementary school students: “Multiply

WITHOUT calculating ”or the secret arithmetic skills

of the sorcerer's teacher.

For the analog grandpa: “Smartphones for seniors

(Episode 1): Unpacking (new German: unboxing) "

or the believable grandchildren trick.

Mother's love in oversize: “I have Lio the biggest

TEDDY bought from the world ”or from life

a completely normal YouTuber family.

Finally a promise: "Coalition agreement:

Helge Braun on digitization ”or like the government

understands modern communication.

The round has to be square: “33 things you know

Got whole life wrong and not even once

knew ”or didn't want to.

4196 45 DIVIDING



From YouTube to the record deal: "la vie en rose -

edith piaf ”or the next talented girl

next door.

4* Donutnewspaper Number 136 1 5./16. June 2019




Wife of Can Dündar

flees to Germany

After almost three years, more forced

Separation of the family by the Turkish

State is the wife of the government critic

Journalists Can

Dündar arrived in Germany.

You've been in the country since Tuesday

said Dilek Dündar of the dpa on Friday

in a phone conversation. The

Turkish exit bans against them

still intact. On the circumstances of your departure

she did not want position

to take. Your husband CanDündar is as

Ex-editor-in-chief of newspaper Cumhuriyet

in Turkey also because of terrorist allegations

accused and has lived since

the late summer of 2016 in German

Exile. His wife was shortly afterwards

the passport withdrawn. (dpa)

Court overturns burkini ban

in Koblenz baths

The Rhineland-Palatinate Higher Administrative Court

has a burkini ban

for urban swimming pools in

Koblenz temporarily tipped. The corresponding

Prohibition in the bathing rules

violate the constitutional law

Equal treatment requirement,

decided the court

after notification from Friday in Koblenz

in an urgent procedure. In order to

may the applicant again with immediate effect

in a burkini - a full-body swimsuit

- get into the water. (dpa)

Dresden hat citizens sued

ZDF on compensation

The man in the hat threw the journalist

intend to commit a crime.


Known as Dresden's "hat citizens"

become ex-employees of

Saxon State Criminal Police Office

requests compensation from