What were the US ships carrying

Boy scouts march in lockstep, soldiers salute, students sing the US anthem. Then Susan Ford Bales, daughter of former US President Gerald Ford, throws a bottle against the 40 meter wide and 337 meter long ship. And in November 2013 inaugurated the most expensive aircraft carrier in the world, named after her father. On this Saturday, three and a half years and more than 30 months of construction delay later, the stands out USS Gerald R. Ford now at sea from the East Coast Naval Base, Naval Station Norfolk.

US President Donald Trump will also come, announced the US Navy. A must if you consider his announcement to expand the US fleet from 276 to a total of 350 ships. But all other fans of the American military should be happy about this turning point. The USS Gerald R. Ford is the first ship in an entirely new line of US aircraft carriers. And will replace the in the future NimitzSeries, based on which all ten US aircraft carriers built since 1975 were designed.

"The ship can basically go alone," said US Navy soldier Jose Triana the television channel CNN. The old US aircraft carriers are propelled and steered with a traditional throttle system. With the new model, the US military is now using the modern touch screen. In addition, more processes run automatically on board, so 30 percent fewer people are needed - which still means 2,700 sailors. The biggest change concerns catapults and safety nets, which no longer exist. Aircraft take off and land electromagnetically. Up to a third more take-offs and landings should be possible, up to 270 per day.

In 2020, another ex-president will be named after a ship: John F. Kennedy

Probably the most expensive warship in the world costs 13 billion dollars. Not counting about $ 4.7 billion for the development of the technologies. Ship two and three of the new series have also already been ordered. In total, the three ships cost $ 42 billion. That's nearly seven percent of the U.S. military budget in 2016, which was $ 611 billion. The first nuclear powered aircraft carrier, which entered service in 1961 USS Enterprise, cost an estimated $ 3.4 billion in today's monetary value.

What is not really new is that the ship was named after a head of state. The 38th President of the United States, Gerald R. Ford, ruled from 1974 to 1977. Many of the first aircraft carriers from the 1920s and 30s bore names from historic battles, such as Monterey or Bennington. But already in 1945 it went USS Franklin D. Roosevelt to water, dubbed "Swanky Franky" by the crew. The presidential naming only became really popular with the Nimitz series. Seven of the ten ships had presidential names. The ship planned for 2020 also continues the series: the USS John F. Kennedy.

But in 2025, at least that's the current plan, the USS Enterprise will expire. She has been doing so since USS America of 1965 would be the first ship not named after an important person.